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So I got a pleasant surprise yesterday… I had taken a page out of bigbris’ handbook on how to determine your size in x last by picking up a pair of used EG Asquiths last winter, aka ebay trial purchase. Having determined my size (and after much self-debate), I decided to keep and not flip them… As previously stated, while the soles did have some wear left before they’d truly need a resole, I really wanted to see these on a HAF sole, so off they went for a factory...
Quote: Originally Posted by ld111134 Chay and Andrew Sargent will be at our Chicago meet-up on October 15th. It will be great meeting them - they're going to roll-out their new "Premier Exclusives" line (slotted between the handgrades and the Premier line) at our event. Aren't they already available? The Medwards still looks very good, but I'm really liking the Moore Adelaide as well as the look of the 724 last it's made on. Wonder if it...
Cool. A couple of quick suggestions for Chay Cooper: -add pics of all (rtw) lasts, not just the new Handgrade ones; -swatch of rtw colour options.
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats You tease! Stop slacking and post pictures!!
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Are these the recrafted EGs you mentioned in the other thread? Looking forward to pics Maaaaaaaaaaaaaybe... Quote: Originally Posted by srivats Holy cow, there are some AMAZING shoes there. Thanks for the link! More about Foster/Henry Maxwell's antique black finish on this clown's website.
06/16 price drop: now asking $75 for all 7 boardshorts.
06/16 price drops on Grenson bal boots (now $320) and Salisbury (now $223).
Quote: Originally Posted by srivats ^ I think alden does a superior job with the finishing when they recraft shoes. I will post something tomorrow that just might change your mind. Quote: Originally Posted by srivats what are the shoes in your avatar? Quote: Originally Posted by Ich_Dien Perhaps Foster & Son at a guess? Yep.
What do we have here?
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