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My taste in watches might have changed somewhat as a result of being exposed to everything I see posted here and elsewhere, but I haven't taken a 180 deg. turn. I.e., I also used to think the Nautilus and R.O. were hideous. Nowadays, I think the Nautilus is alright. Still don't like the R.O. though and doubt I ever will.
Peter Roberts Grand Complication 5. Beautiful piece and a great story of its origins. More here for anyone interested.
Peeped one in the storefront display of an AD in NJ last month. Want.+1
Imo, your older 41.5 looks better. Old swords hands are much nicer than the current ones. And your 41.5 appears well proportioned in that wrist shot.
Here's a good take on pricing, specifically the smaller/boutique brands vs. the big name makers:http://wornandwound.com/2013/02/25/watch-curmudgeon-how-little-did-you-pay-for-that-watch/
Sorry to hear that has since changed. At around this time last year, I was given the opportunity to order any stock EG shoe available from the factory in my size. And iirc, the discount was also applicable to MTO orders.
I thought you would have chosen this one.Btw, great looking Sub!
I like that Edwards extends the discount to shoes that they don't have in stock, but will obtain from various makers to fulfill orders.
jjl, nice to see you posting!Any new Adelaides to share with us?
+1mimo, I really enjoyed your tyre-kicking diary.While perhaps closer to 'poor man's watch thread' than what's usually discussed on TWAT, worn&wound is looking for writers... You should contact them if you'd be interested in tyre-kicking, maybe even test driving some lower priced watches.
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