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I like that Edwards extends the discount to shoes that they don't have in stock, but will obtain from various makers to fulfill orders.
jjl, nice to see you posting!Any new Adelaides to share with us?
+1mimo, I really enjoyed your tyre-kicking diary.While perhaps closer to 'poor man's watch thread' than what's usually discussed on TWAT, worn&wound is looking for writers... You should contact them if you'd be interested in tyre-kicking, maybe even test driving some lower priced watches.
Actually, the Steinhart is 42mm and the SKX is 41-42mm. However, the OVM is 49mm lug to lug vs 45-46mm lug to lug for the SKX. The Seiko also wears smaller thanks to its curved lugs that hug the wrist better than the OVM's rather flat/straight lugs.
Chino Watch has the Green in stock atm: http://c-watch.co.jp/ww/sarb017.html
Thanks! I liked it in all the pics I had seen of it and am really thrilled with how it turned out irl. Just so damn clean.I did write about it a few pages back, here.Nope, deal was all for cash moneyz. And he even threw in a few free extras!
The Black Bay looks great. Gonna have to look into that one.In the meantime, USPS delivered this earlier today:Obligatory TWAT wristshot: [[SPOILER]]
Jersey Shore wristshot from yesterday.
I wasn't familiar with the Turn-O-Graph till I saw yours. Damn fine watch.
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