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I agree. That pretty much sums up why I was drawn to it.Can't you get just about any replacement strap from an IWC AD?Dude I bought the XV from thinks early XVs were (also) offered with black croc on deployant, but he could be hallucinating. That was when they did the mesh/beads of rice bracelet too. Fwiw, mine is an older one with the Tritium markers and hands.I took off the leather strap this afternoon and treated the watch to a little soapy water bath and brushing. ...
I thought so too, until I found that info on the IWC forum. Dunno if it's accurate though.I might try a custom Short length strap from TWB.It's also been suggested that I can just squeeze any stock 20mm Short strap into the 19mm lugs.
I didn't know the Mark XV was available with so many different stock strap options:3253 pilot's watch Mark XV 19 - 16 mm alligator dull brown IWA127013253 pilot's watch Mark XV 19 - 16 mm alligator dull black IWA127073253 pilot's watch Mark XV 19 - 16 mm buffalo brown IWA056133253 pilot's watch Mark XV 19 - 16 mm buffalo black IWA055103253 pilot's watch Mark XV 19 - 16 mm buffalo dull brown IWA127043253 pilot's watch Mark XV 19 - 16 mm buffalo dull...
With the recent talk of boring fonts and box and papers, this might me a good time to post my latest acquisition: Again, courtesy of the awesome e-uncle from whom I had acquired my first TWAT-worthy piece less than a year ago. @Kaplan : I owe you some thanks too since it was your thread that turned me on to this watch in the first place. I also remember your subsequent post about how yours might possibly be the last Mark XV ever made.
Thank you. Those were 8.5/9E, but I've sold them a while ago.
EG Pelham Adelaides (888 last) If only I had bought them ½ size smaller...
Since you're in the UK, you should consider having them resoled by The Shoe Healer.http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/repairs
Loake Jack in Sand suede: The 024 last fits big, so take 1.5 size down from your US size, i.e. US9D = UK7.5F in these. On sale at Herring Shoes at the moment, but only smaller sizes left. They're also available from other online retailers.
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