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Any chance you could/would use the Japanese-exclusive(?) 367 last as shown below on some of your RTW shoes?
^ The Seiko SNX121K, shown below on a Tan strap, looks similar:
@joshgustin N&F Super Skinny Guy.
I'm extremely pleased with the result.Great work by MCWW:-case was refinished to remove a ding on the left side of the case and a prominent scratch on the side of the bottom right lug-movement regulated-dial, hands and chapter ring replaced (parts from Dagaz)-crystal replaced (sapphire crystal from yobokies)-gaskets changed (MCWW)-pressure test
Motor City Watch Works
SKX007 'Seamaster' mod is on its way back to me. Here's a pic I received from MCWW:
My #82 American Sixteener came in. The waist on my Slim 32 only measures 31'' vs 32.5'' listed on the fit guide.
Maybe a Chepton boot on the 2161 last like this one on ebay atm?
Man, I love that Mark XV. Maybe some day...Strap looks great; I just checked out Camille Fournet and they sure have a lot of MTO strap options.
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