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mimo, you should get a White Stowa Partitio, a watch you actually posted about not too long ago.
Received this e-mail Thursday:Opening our doors on Jermyn StreetAfter a fortnight beavering away behind hoardings, we’re more than excited to be taking them down and opening the doors of our Jermyn Street store once more.Our new space is designed to be a fitting home to our shoes and you, our customers, who appreciate something a little bit special. We dare say Beau Brummell will enjoy an approving glance from across the street.Come and join us for a coffee or a dram and...
I believe most 'modern' lasts are 'combination' lasts, even if not marked as such by the makers, i.e. a 9B/D AE shoe will simply be marked 9D. That said, some lasts are known to have a roomier than average fit in the heel than others, i.e. Alden Barrie.
I like this one, but the hands look rather out of place on it. Are they an aftermarket mod?
That one was recently reviewed on W&W: http://wornandwound.com/2014/08/20/sinn-556i-review/I like the stick marker dial 556. Not crazy about the hands though.But if you prefer numerals, how about a Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm auto?http://www.authenticwatches.com/hamilton-khaki-field-h70455533.htmlhttp://www.authenticwatches.com/hamilton-khaki-field-h70455733.html
I don't have any Explorer info to contribute, but you might want to ask the seller for a pic showing the amount of bracelet stretch, which a lot of sellers will include in their listings.I'm sure others will chime in with specific Explorer I knowledge and preowned watch buying checklists.
I like the new Steel Grey 116000 mimo posted, but find the case shape looks a bit bloated width-wise.
3 thumbs up, as they say.
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