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New Tan oiled Hadley-Roma strap.
Search teh interwebs for 'vintage leather (watch) strap'. You'll find shit tons of options.Yes. But I will have to pay NJ or NY sales tax (depending on where it's bought) bc I doubt a dealer will deduct that on an in-store purchase knowing I'm bringing it back to Canada.From what I understand, you Murricans can save on taxes by buying from an out-of-state dealer and having it shipped to you...Otoh, I get hit with applicable duties + PST and GST on all declared ...
But I still gotta do the math to see what's better :CAN MSRP -15% + taxes (about 15%)or US MSRP - whatever discount + NJ or NY state taxTwas interseting bc the AD volunteered the discount in a sorta 'Oh, btw if you want the SubC...' when I was just asking if he'd be able to find a NIB 14060M. Fwiw, this happened the previous summer.
Only 20%? That doesn't seem like much, esp if they're clearing inventory and are no longer an AD. I had always assumed guys who have a good relationship with an AD got a better discount than that. Maybe not as much as 40% or whatever discount I often see quoted for Omega, but still more than 20%.So if I get offered 15% on a SubC by an AD without even asking, that's a pretty good deal? In my case, that'd be saving about the equivalent of taxes.
Bc less money spent on winders = moar money to put towards that RO you can't shake.(Or MOAR NMWA stuffs.)
Fwiw, the Japanese Mabuchi motor used in my cheap Accuratic is apparently the same used is much more expensive winders.
By 'lost', I meant that I just don't care for (studded) Dainite soles.I have a couple of boots with studded Dainite soles and don't find them any more comfortable than leather. They actually feel a bit less 'damp' underfoot than leather does, if that makes sense.And I don't mind wearing leather soles on wet pavement. If it's really pouring, I use rubber overshoes.As for studded Dainite's purported usefulness on ice, I've found it to be as death slippery as leather, so no...
You guys just lost me with the double Dainite.
You can get custom foam inserts from The Martinator for your 1170 if you don't like the pick-n-pluck foam it comes with:
Did someone say Dk. Brown cordovan Cheviot?
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