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Hmmm, I'd have to see a pic of that before passing judgment.My apologies RP, I didn't know that was you in that pic. I thought you had just posted a pic of some random dood working on a big ass blade.
^ A nice poor man's version of that is the Seiko SNX121K, shown below on a Tan strap:
watches = good Kate Upton = MOAR gooder knives = not so good, less this thread should turn into an EDC thing
My taste in watches might have changed somewhat as a result of being exposed to everything I see posted here and elsewhere, but I haven't taken a 180 deg. turn. I.e., I also used to think the Nautilus and R.O. were hideous. Nowadays, I think the Nautilus is alright. Still don't like the R.O. though and doubt I ever will.
Peter Roberts Grand Complication 5. Beautiful piece and a great story of its origins. More here for anyone interested.
Peeped one in the storefront display of an AD in NJ last month. Want.+1
Imo, your older 41.5 looks better. Old swords hands are much nicer than the current ones. And your 41.5 appears well proportioned in that wrist shot.
Here's a good take on pricing, specifically the smaller/boutique brands vs. the big name makers:http://wornandwound.com/2013/02/25/watch-curmudgeon-how-little-did-you-pay-for-that-watch/
Sorry to hear that has since changed. At around this time last year, I was given the opportunity to order any stock EG shoe available from the factory in my size. And iirc, the discount was also applicable to MTO orders.
I thought you would have chosen this one.Btw, great looking Sub!
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