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Have you fondled Greg's beard yet?
I'm a US9D and wear a UK8½ Stow on the 4497. The size 8, while plenty roomy, is too short. Bourtons on the 4444 are too big in size 8. Go figure.
^ Very nice!
Did you ever post a pic of those?
Speaking of End, I received the Japanese SL Windowpane Bedale jacket last week and it's a great jacket. I got the 38 and 40 because I wasn't sure of sizing. End's measurements are a bit off on both those sizes. The 38 measures 21.5'' p2p (vs 21'' on End) and the 40 is actually 22.5'' p2p (vs 21.75'' on End). I kept the 38; it fits nice and slim, but not tight. For reference, I wear a 38S in suits and sportcoats. If anyone is looking for a size 40, End should have...
Looks great! I didn't like how the rally you had posted curves/hugs the case. This one is very nice.
New (short) strap and deployant:
^ Cool. That one has a big 'Invicta' engraved on the side of the case, right? You managed to grind all of it out? Do you haz a close-up pic?
Are you sure it's not a Miyota (Citizen) movement?
Well done!Btw, which Invicta is that? They have like a bazillion different watches. I didn't know that some of their watches use Seiko movements.
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