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I guess it's just that 'Tiffany' on a tool watch just seems incongruent to me, regardless of who printed the name on the dial. Otoh, a Tiffany sig on a luxury sport watch like the Nautilus or a dress watch is pretty cool.But not as cool as COMEX SDs and Subs. Thems are legit. As are MilSubs.Hodinkee article on printing PP Tiffany dials.
While I appreciate the value of vintage Tiffany signed dials, doesn't the 'Tiffany' detract from the DRSD's manly tool watch appeal?I.e. if Rolex decided today to manufacture as many Tiffany signed SubC watches as reg unsigned SubC, thus eliminating any potential added value due to rarity that the Tiffany signed SubC would have in the future over the unsigned ones, would guys still want a tool watch with the Tiffany sig?
James Cameron was on Jimmy Fallon last night. Wasn't wearing a watch though. He did bring the old Deep Sea Special from 1960, as well as the big ass Deepsea Challenge that was strapped on the outside of his sub (dunno if they were the actual watches).
Where is the thumbs down button?WANT.
Maybe a discontinued automatic Speedmaster Reduced.
You can also buy them from GGB. And perhaps you can darken (and condition) your Camille Fournet strap with some Sno Seal?
I have Timefactors straps too. They're extremely well made, with very solid welding and no scabbing at all on the holes. I've had mine for a few years and have washed them a bunch of times and they've held up great, softening up over time. Of all the solid color NATOs I have from various suppliers, I'd rate theirs as the best quality. Only knock is that their Grey is a bit too pale/silvery. In fact, several TZ-UK members have urged Eddie to produce Admiralty Grey...
I agree. That pretty much sums up why I was drawn to it.Can't you get just about any replacement strap from an IWC AD?Dude I bought the XV from thinks early XVs were (also) offered with black croc on deployant, but he could be hallucinating. That was when they did the mesh/beads of rice bracelet too. Fwiw, mine is an older one with the Tritium markers and hands.I took off the leather strap this afternoon and treated the watch to a little soapy water bath and brushing. ...
I thought so too, until I found that info on the IWC forum. Dunno if it's accurate though.I might try a custom Short length strap from TWB.It's also been suggested that I can just squeeze any stock 20mm Short strap into the 19mm lugs.
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