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I like this one, but the hands look rather out of place on it. Are they an aftermarket mod?
That one was recently reviewed on W&W: http://wornandwound.com/2014/08/20/sinn-556i-review/I like the stick marker dial 556. Not crazy about the hands though.But if you prefer numerals, how about a Hamilton Khaki Field 38mm auto?http://www.authenticwatches.com/hamilton-khaki-field-h70455533.htmlhttp://www.authenticwatches.com/hamilton-khaki-field-h70455733.html
I don't have any Explorer info to contribute, but you might want to ask the seller for a pic showing the amount of bracelet stretch, which a lot of sellers will include in their listings.I'm sure others will chime in with specific Explorer I knowledge and preowned watch buying checklists.
I like the new Steel Grey 116000 mimo posted, but find the case shape looks a bit bloated width-wise.
3 thumbs up, as they say.
^ Yay Khakis! Yours looks bigger than my 38mm. I like your painted hands better, but I prefer the shape of sub-dial hands on mine. Very pleased with this purchase so far. Imo, these are the nicest Khaki chrono dials: flat dial with recessed sub-dials. Much nicer than the newer ones where the dial is sorta raised (stepped?) in the middle and glossy. To nitpick: lumed numerals would've been nice, as well as a screw-down crown. Still, a great value for a 7750 chrono...
Just to backtrack a bit re refinishing: general consensus is that watches shouldn't be refinished much, if at all, for resale value and natural patina/wear, etc (esp. sport watches). But I'm curious if much stainless steel has to me removed and is lost if it's only light refinishing, i.e. to remove superficial hairlines that can only be seen and not really felt.
Thanks for the thoughtful reply, Dino.Also, ceci n'est PAS UNE ROLEX: [[SPOILER]] And I believe it's been a while (NSFW): [[SPOILER]] ^ NOT FAKE!
@Dino944 : Do you think something like the Peter Roberts Grand Complication 5 will appreciate much?http://www.peterrobertswatches.com/
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