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I didn't think there were/are that many. I.e. who (now) makes that didn't when you were last into watch collecting?
You mean really make-make or 'Bremont-make'?
@RogerP : If you do cave and kop, make sure the day/date line up properly.^ That would not work for me, given my OCD-ness.
I like the H-R strap I got for my Hamilton. Wish they'd have more options available in a Short length. I also like Rios straps.I suspect H-R and Rios might be considered by many TWATers to be too pedestrian.
Yes, we know.
More importantly, will the strap be made by ABP?
I've had shoes on the Capital and 026 in size UK8F. The Capital had too much volume and I suspect sizing down would make it too short. Otoh, the 026 was too tight in that size and I think an 8½F might work for me, but never tried one. In my experience, the 026 is indeed snugger than the Capital.
@zippyh Daytona + steak > Hamilton + reheated leftovers.
I was inspired to get a leather strap for that one after looking at pic after pic of vintage chronos on those stitchless vintage style straps. Didn't think a vintage strap would suit this one though, so I opted for a plain HR. Hesitated on the color for a while, but in the end I think tan looks better against the black dial than all of the various browns I was considering.
New Tan oiled Hadley-Roma strap.
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