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@mimo: if you can get over your dislike of dress watches with 3 o'clock date windows, this newer Bambino variant is awesome:I don't care much for Roman numerals, but that Bambino looks great.@Kaplan : I wish it were a bit smaller too. And 21mm lug width =
If it makes you feel any better, you ain't the only who has to make them heartbreaking decisions.MOAR watchesorRRSP contributions + kid's tuition fund
I like the smaller discontinued Club dunkel, but agree that the longer lugs on all the Club models sorta ruins it.Don't like the visible gap between the strap and case.
Yabut Clive Owen pronounces it like that too so it must be right!
Some folks pronounce French expressions correctly because they actually speak French fluently.The rest just come off as trying too hard.Farmer is an English speaking dude who says 'foaks pahz', while trying to appear very bourgeois.Brown is for farmer.Brown watch straps are nice.Remind me: how do you pronounce 'foyer' again?
No, you're definitely wrong. As in you're fucking wrong.'Faux pas' is a French expression and it's pronounced ''f-oh p-ah'.But please, go ahead and pronounce it 'foaks pahz'.
Umm, no.'Faux' (teh French word for fake) is pronounced 'f-oh'. It shouldn't be pronounced differently in English.
Aren't the squarish lugs actually a departure from every Sub that came before it?
What if they had done 12-4-8?
@RogerP Walt Odets + Mark...
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