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Actually, the Steinhart is 42mm and the SKX is 41-42mm. However, the OVM is 49mm lug to lug vs 45-46mm lug to lug for the SKX. The Seiko also wears smaller thanks to its curved lugs that hug the wrist better than the OVM's rather flat/straight lugs.
Chino Watch has the Green in stock atm: http://c-watch.co.jp/ww/sarb017.html
Thanks! I liked it in all the pics I had seen of it and am really thrilled with how it turned out irl. Just so damn clean.I did write about it a few pages back, here.Nope, deal was all for cash moneyz. And he even threw in a few free extras!
The Black Bay looks great. Gonna have to look into that one.In the meantime, USPS delivered this earlier today:Obligatory TWAT wristshot: [[SPOILER]]
Jersey Shore wristshot from yesterday.
I wasn't familiar with the Turn-O-Graph till I saw yours. Damn fine watch.
Thanks for the advice frills. I actually have no reason to suspect anything is wrong with the watch. The seller awoke the watch from its state of hibernation and kept it wound for about a week and says it runs fine. He also subscribes to the 'if it runs fine, then wait' mentality re servicing. And I agree with you as far as MOAR NAOW is concerned, so sending the watch away is certainly something I'd put off if I can. But is there a point where a watch is old enough...
Fiddler, that other watch I was considering also has that squared-off hour hand. I think it looks great. Hayward, that's some sweet sweep action.
Thanks guys! Clean/fresh dial + cool old school Heuer logo + that bit of blue really did it for me. But fwiw, I was told that the blue is more subtle irl compared to the pics.Q : since it was purchased by the original owner 13 years ago, should I get it serviced now/soon or hold off for a while? Again, it's in barely worn condition.
New Posts  All Forums: