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No, you're definitely wrong. As in you're fucking wrong.'Faux pas' is a French expression and it's pronounced ''f-oh p-ah'.But please, go ahead and pronounce it 'foaks pahz'.
Umm, no.'Faux' (teh French word for fake) is pronounced 'f-oh'. It shouldn't be pronounced differently in English.
Aren't the squarish lugs actually a departure from every Sub that came before it?
What if they had done 12-4-8?
@RogerP Walt Odets + Mark...
That's a good looking strap. I agree it would've been nicer had it been less 'raised' in the middle.I've seen those lever/quick change springbars you mention; too bad they're not more commonly used. OFREI sells the Bergeon 30227 Pliers to punch a little hole in any strap to allow the use of quick change springbars, but it ain't cheap.Persistence is key.
I didn't think there were/are that many. I.e. who (now) makes that didn't when you were last into watch collecting?
You mean really make-make or 'Bremont-make'?
@RogerP : If you do cave and kop, make sure the day/date line up properly.^ That would not work for me, given my OCD-ness.
I like the H-R strap I got for my Hamilton. Wish they'd have more options available in a Short length. I also like Rios straps.I suspect H-R and Rios might be considered by many TWATers to be too pedestrian.
New Posts  All Forums: