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EG Pelham Adelaides (888 last) If only I had bought them ½ size smaller...
Since you're in the UK, you should consider having them resoled by The Shoe Healer.http://www.shoehealer.co.uk/repairs
Loake Jack in Sand suede: The 024 last fits big, so take 1.5 size down from your US size, i.e. US9D = UK7.5F in these. On sale at Herring Shoes at the moment, but only smaller sizes left. They're also available from other online retailers.
Thank you. Simpson in size 8 wouldn't be too small, i.e. short and/or tight around the toes?
I think he meant the end links:
Skoak, I also wear an 8 in EG, but one width down from what you take, i.e.: Edward Green 202: UK 8 D 82: UK 8 E 888: UK 8 E Would you recommend I take the same sizes as you for the various Carmina lasts? My feet are average width, but I have a low arch and instep.
This dude, selling these straps?
Weird. Dunno why Herring don't list them as such, when they do indicate country of origin for other shoes.
Are those held on with adhesive instead of being a snap fit?
Can ceramic inserts be swapped as easily as aluminum ones?
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