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Roger, the Westminsters look great. The original color was pretty fugly. Maple is perhaps the elusive Band-Aid color Manton once wrote about; it looked like undyed leather with just a hint of burnishing.
Seiko should make a stock PVD SKX007. Sure they'd sell a ton of them.
I get that, but how does someone with a 44'' chest fit into a jkt that has a listed flat p2p of only 20.5'' (End's measurement)?Otoh, this makes a lot more sense:
44'' chest in a Medium? That can't be right. And fwiw, I'd never consider Medium for a 44'' chest to be TTS.
Nope, those are just a pair of Tricker's 'Regent' captoes made by Tricker's on the 4537 last.
Haha, I remember that line! [[SPOILER]]
You may want to check out Saddleback's (another SF affiliate) Business / Credit Card Wallet.I have the Tobacco and Chesnut, they're great. The Tobacco has a 'dry' hand, much like CXL leather.
But, will Wooster wear his own card on one of these?
EG Westminster in Cloud Antique:I have a pair of those. They're the Cheaney 'Harpole' dubmunk. Got them from one of the ebay resellers. I think my pair was either an MTO or sample. They're nice, but not EG nice. Similar to these, but mine have a Brown sole edge:
Good to know, thanks!
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