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@dopey : You should consider sending it to an independent instead.Al @ Archer Watches is very well regarded on the forums and I believe RogerP has used his services before. You can see the service/restoration he did on a damaged Speedy.These guys are also worth a look: of 3 pre-moon 321 Speedys they've worked...
I don't think the Rolex website shows everything available at any given time. I.e., here's the old 2012 MSRP list with a bazillion different SKUs.
Originally Posted by foo roops Yo, mafoo, kick it one time Yo, sheep, Let's kick it!Tar Tar Baby, Tar Tar BabyAll right stop, read me and listenis back with my age-old obsessionI grab a hold of a topic tightlyStuck like a limpet daily and nightlyWill it ever stop? Yo! I don't knowPay attention and my head'll growTo the extreme I rock Photoshop like a pervertPost your fits and watch me jump like a terrier.Click, go read the post that loomsI'm killing your brain like a...
Isn't the porthole thing a popular misconception?See #7 here:'7. Parts were inspired by a diving helmet.Apparently after having received the design brief for what was to become the Royal Oak, GĂ©rald Genta happened upon a diver emerging from Lake Geneva and thought to himself, If the screws holding the faceplate were strong enough to ensure a watertight seal on the helmet, surely they must be capable of doing the same for a watch.'
The Loake Jack is from the 'Design' range, I have a pair in Sand suede. They look just like BB's Beige ones. Mine are stamped m.i.E. inside the lining.Fwiw, stuffs stamped m.i.E. are sometimes just minimally finished there, enough to be able to have the m.i.E. mark.Regardless of where they're made, they're solid shoes, esp for $120.
Those are the same as the Loake 'Jack'. Not from the 1880 range.
The whole Uncle/Nephew thing is just WTF creepy.Maybe, but you'd have to keep teh Uncle.
Then how do you explain teh Ambrosi pents episode?
I was only interested in Dk Brown w/ double leather. Since it seems most wanted Dainite, I'm out. Gotta admit that Whiskey looks great though.
Is that a true vintage SM300 or one of those NOS Watchco ones?
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