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Christmas gift from my in-laws:
C&J 240 last with channelled soles, fits TTS.
Happy Festivus!
^ And readily available for about...
'HANDLOVE', really?(Insert fapping joke here.)
, is it possible that you're confusing a 'dropped' shoulder (i.e. when one shoulder is lower than the other as a result of a bunch of things, like heisstillmat) with sloping shoulders (i.e. whnay)?
Lulz.$400 vintage SG pocket squares: fess up, who bought one?
Oh hai!Congrats on sourcing the strap.+1 on the difficulty of finding nice 19mm straps. Short 19mm straps are even harder to come by.Mine is off the Spitfire strap and now on what I was starting to think was a sorta unicorn of ready made straps: Short, 19mm, Brown shell.Found the strap from Nomos.
Another reason to use an independent : getting your original parts (i.e. dial, hands, etc) back when they required replacement is fairly normal, not an exception.Afaik, most manufacturers won't return your original parts when they've replaced them.Al @ Archer Watches' take on the matter:'Service center, or independent? -One of the issues with using a manufacturer for service is their "take it or leave it" attitude with what they feel has to be done. They in effect hold you...
Sorry dood, didn't know Omega would insist on changing the dial. Still don't understand why though.Is it really that badly damaged? I think most collectors advise against replacing original dials, both for value/collectability, as well as sentimental considerations. No real consensus re reluming.Looks like they replaced the old tritium dial on this one with a new luminova dial, albeit with period correct applied logo and no 'professional'...
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