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Sorry, I should have specified the dedicated watch forums, i.e. watchuseek. Better yet, just check watchrecon, which groups all sales listings from popular watch forums.
Will do!Btw, a little advice for those considering mods: do your math first.In my case, mod parts + labour (I'm also getting the case refinished and movement regulated) + shipping/return shipping are more than twice the price of the actual watch.I can't help but feel like one of those guys who put a lot of money to modify a Honda Civic.
Check the watch forums; preowned Steinhart OVMs are regularly listed for sale.
Oh hai!
I've had an SKX007 for about 4 years now and tbh, I started to find it rather plain/boring. Just mailed it to MCWW today to get modded.I recently bought an 009 and that bit of color from the Pepsi bezel does make a difference, adding some visual interest. Imo, the 007's Off-Black dial and the 009's Midnight dial have an equally 'flat'/dull appearance.It's usually available for less from these 3 grey market ebay sellers from whom I've bought in the...
Careful mimo, next you'll be buying aftermarket parts and sending your Monster for mods.
alba riki watanabeDon't know if they're available with bracelets.
Go for the SKX009 Pepsi bezel. Fyi, the dial and chapter ring are actually Midnight/Very Dark Navy, not Black. Looks great on a Brown or Tan NATO strap.
Is that term dopey approved?
I'd probably get one with the 4R36 movement. Iirc, this Dutch seller is well regarded on the forums and he has a bunch of the older 7s26 and newer 4R36 : http://www.monsterwatches.eu/eu/index.php/homeYou can also check if any of these ebay sellers have what you want (I've bought from all 3):pokemonyuTimewaresPremierworld
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