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SARB033 with enough change left for a strap and springbar tool.
IMPORTANT FAQS: Q: 'ZOMG these are awesome, WANT WANT WANT, are they still available?!?! A: If the listing is open, they're still available. If you're sure you want the shoes, PM me and I'll provide my Paypal info; payment is then expected within 24 hours so please check your PMs for my reply. Q: Awesome shoes brah, how about $150? A: I don’t make a penny of profit on anything I sell here. Rather, I just try to recoup some of my costs. I believe my prices are fair and...
@Skolyx and @patinePL : You guys should add a Yanko last shape comparison chart. Something like this or this would be helpful. @Skolyx: Can you add Canada to the list of coutries in your drop down field in the checkout?
Limited selection reduced to $699.
@BostonHedonist @TheWraith Bernhardt Binnacle World The discontinued Globemaster also pops up for sale on the forums from time to time.
@UnFacconable : Surprised to hear that. When I visited my local AD before Christmas, I enquired about the 3570.50 as well and was told they didn't have any left and weren't sure if they could get one from Omega (I suspect there's still stock at Omega, even now).When I mentioned I wasn't interested in paying a premium for a 311.30 just to get (useless) accessories and overdone packaging, they offered to let it go for the price of a 3570.50($5 250CAD vs $5 800CAD) and pay...
^ That 2254.50 looks great.
@zippyh Nice watch, but dat sammich tho!
I felt a great disturbance in TWAT.
I'm as OCD as they come, but I wouldn't even bother covering that up, esp. if it's the only ding you got after 10 wears. While I agree that the first blemish is the hardest one to take, it's not as though you got a huge gash in the leather upper or something...
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