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I don't mind the colored crown tube and it really isn't that noticeable irl, at least on the Midnignt Blue one, especially when worn. My only knock on the Black Bay, if I were to nitpick, is that I wish the case wasn't as thick as it is.@Novelty77 OCD tip of the day: If you pick up a BB and intend to wear it mostly on straps, I suggest you consider buying the strap version and buy the ss bracelet as an extra. Reason: because of the tight tolerance between the end links...
Wildsmith Covent?
@dopey What ever happened to your old Speedmaster? Did you end up sending it to an independent for service? Dunno if you saw this: http://www.hodinkee.com/#./undefined?&_suid=143619527849708436116416602216
@TweedyProf Some of bengal's posts might be of interest to you, although they prob won't help with Barneys' C&J sizing : [[SPOILER]]
That and manufacturing tolerances, i.e. the outsole might have been trimmed closer to the upper on one pair of shoes compared to another same size/style pair. Hell, I'm sure there are variations between left/right shoe in the same pair.
@TweedyProf : outsole measures 30.8cm heel to toe with a tailor tape = 12 1/8''.
Sure, but it'll have to wait till tomorrow.As an aside, while many go by EG's 1/2 size UK/US conversion, i.e. EG labelled 8.5/9E shoes for US9D feet, that doesn't work for me. I take 8/8.5E in EG 888 and 82 lasts. I did own a pair of 8.5/9D 888 shoes and sold them bc they were painfully narrow.Fwiw, I once asked Hillary Freeman why EG only converts 1/2 size UK/US and she said that the British generally wear closer fitting shoes compared to Murricans who prefer them on...
@TweedyProf This has always been my assumption: that the size stamped on the insole is the size for the market for which the shoes are produced. In my experience, it also matches the size printed or handwritten on the lining.I.e. I'm a US9D on the Brannock and have a pair of BB Peal punch caps on the 240 last size US9D stamped 9-4 on the insole and they fit me as well as my 348 last UK8E C&J Westbourne stamped 8-5.Furthermore, I had previously confirmed with Mr Huqstable...
Waitaminute, @SimonC is Simon Crompton of PS fame? Could've sworn someone asked him a while ago and he denied it.
Regarding the recent dark DOAK discussion, I believe someone mentioned sun bleaching.You can definitely lighten shoes several shades by leaving them out in direct sunlight. I did so with a pair of Dark Tan Alden LWB, left outside last summer every time weather would permit. Proof is in the picture: [[SPOILER]] You can see the original color on either side of the tongue, areas that were shielded from the sun by the facings. Of course, you won't see much difference on a...
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