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I'm as OCD as they come, but I wouldn't even bother covering that up, esp. if it's the only ding you got after 10 wears. While I agree that the first blemish is the hardest one to take, it's not as though you got a huge gash in the leather upper or something...
Christmas gift from my in-laws:
C&J 240 last with channelled soles, fits TTS.
Happy Festivus!
^ And readily available for about...
'HANDLOVE', really?(Insert fapping joke here.)
, is it possible that you're confusing a 'dropped' shoulder (i.e. when one shoulder is lower than the other as a result of a bunch of things, like heisstillmat) with sloping shoulders (i.e. whnay)?
Lulz.$400 vintage SG pocket squares: fess up, who bought one?
Oh hai!Congrats on sourcing the strap.+1 on the difficulty of finding nice 19mm straps. Short 19mm straps are even harder to come by.Mine is off the Spitfire strap and now on what I was starting to think was a sorta unicorn of ready made straps: Short, 19mm, Brown shell.Found the strap from Nomos.
Another reason to use an independent : getting your original parts (i.e. dial, hands, etc) back when they required replacement is fairly normal, not an exception.Afaik, most manufacturers won't return your original parts when they've replaced them.Al @ Archer Watches' take on the matter:'Service center, or independent? -One of the issues with using a manufacturer for service is their "take it or leave it" attitude with what they feel has to be done. They in effect hold you...
New Posts  All Forums: