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Man, I love that Mark XV. Maybe some day...Strap looks great; I just checked out Camille Fournet and they sure have a lot of MTO strap options.
Not enough space on the server.
No doubt! Less color to strip away before working on the new color. Reminds me of the 'raw' shoes Septième Largeur offers for custom patina work: http://www.septiemelargeur.fr/homme-r-fr.html?couleur=NATUREL&taille=
Roger, the Westminsters look great. The original color was pretty fugly. Maple is perhaps the elusive Band-Aid color Manton once wrote about; it looked like undyed leather with just a hint of burnishing.
Seiko should make a stock PVD SKX007. Sure they'd sell a ton of them.
I get that, but how does someone with a 44'' chest fit into a jkt that has a listed flat p2p of only 20.5'' (End's measurement)?Otoh, this makes a lot more sense:
44'' chest in a Medium? That can't be right. And fwiw, I'd never consider Medium for a 44'' chest to be TTS.
Nope, those are just a pair of Tricker's 'Regent' captoes made by Tricker's on the 4537 last.
Haha, I remember that line! [[SPOILER]]
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