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Are those held on with adhesive instead of being a snap fit?
Can ceramic inserts be swapped as easily as aluminum ones?
Speaking of the Chester, Herring have the similar Loake Jack in Sand Suede on sale for $114 atm. Fwiw, it doesn't appear to be made in England.
Just thought I'd drop this here.
Citizen quartz diver? How about a Promaster JP2000-08E?http://yeomansweblog.wordpress.com/2008/08/26/citizen-promaster/
Seiko should really offer that stock.The case shape is very nice. Are you looking at the Black dial that'll be restocked?
But Alden workers don't look much different than EG workers, do they?Not excusing Alden's poor QC, btw. But what their factory workers look like and/or how they dress has nothing to do with it though.
Tricker's only quotes ½ size conversion between UK/US sizes, i.e. UK8 = US8.5. (Most size down from the ½ conversion for their country lasts though.)I've had a pair of 4537 shoes and I believe this is good sizing advice (I've since sold the shoes because the UK8 was too small for my US9D feet).If you're a US8, a UK7 in the 4537 will most likely be too small, esp. since you're a US E width.
I have 2 pairs of Harpole, Dark Leaf and Dark Grey, love em both. What did you want to know about them?
Afaik, the 'classic' Beaufort is actually the one that doesn't have 'classic' in its name: the Beaufort Waxed jacket in Sage.The Classic Beaufort Waxed jacket in Olive has a more matte appearance, i.e. it doesn't look as slick/shiny. It apparently doesn't age as well.This could be helpful:http://www.bestinthecountry.co.uk/barbour-buyers-guidehttp://johnpacheco.blogspot.ca/2006/09/barbour-beaufort-jacket-guy-things.html
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