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@brillopad Does Massdrop ship to Canada? Thought I should ask before I create an account...
Yabut they should post some info about each available fabric, i.e. composition, mill, weight... Hard to judge fabrics with just a pic like that.That Lazio looks very nice. How's the fabric?
Thanks guys. I had seen the Traveller Havana suit separates, but could've sworn I read somewhere in this thread that SS could swap the suit trousers on a non-separate suit.
Can you point me to which suits are available to order with different sized trousers and jackets? I don't think you can filter for that on their website, can you?Re cuffing: I like 1.75'' cuffs with minimal/no break. Need 4.38'' fabric for that. So their 31'' hemmed inseam + 1.5'' fabric folded in/sewn at the hem should allow a max inseam of just over 28'' with 1.75'' cuffs. That might actually work for me.
I received my first SS purchase this week, a Blue Lazio suit, and have also been very pleased with the whole experience.Fabric is a lovely color irl.Thought I'd post a bit of info here (mostly things I was curious about pre-purchase), in case it can be useful to someone else:- 1st sleeve buttonhole is 1.75'' from the end of the sleeve. You can shorten .5'' from the sleeves without it looking wonky (I believe the 1st buttonhole is traditionally sewn 1.25''-1.5'' from the...
Well, there's this guy. He has installed flush mounted taps for me in the past and I've been pleased with his work. Never had him do a resole for me and doubt he offers his services by mail, so probably not very useful for you.Maybe have a look at @randythecobbler?Don't know if your desire to have the 'restitch done by hand so that the original thread holes are reused' is warranted or not though. Besides, if there are added benefits to that, I just assume a place like...
I assume the blurry photos refer to this. I'm surprised you haven't mentioned B.Nelson among the options. Have you asked Nick V.? Fwiw, if you do send your shoes back to Lobb, they may replace the welt altogether as they do at EG.
In college, a black girl once stopped me in a hallway and told me I was 'rather cute for an Asian guy'. I believe she meant that in the best possible way. This was pre-2000, so she was certainly ahead of the times.
Brother Derek, you're doing it wrong.Just spend less time time with menswear enthusiasts online and MOAR time with womenz irl.I.e. less trunk shows, MOAR bewbs!Has any ethnicity claimed the ?
Depends. Mix is a combination of how many ethnicities?
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