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A couple ML shell shoes available for $515 here:
I think I've seen a picture of a piece of cardstock inserted between the tongue and facings (or was it on top of the facings?), but don't remember how the facings were pulled together on the shoe.
@ntempleman : ^ Why aren't the eyelets used while the uppers are being lasted? Doesn't this method leave marks/holes?
Wanted Antique edges on my 975s for a while now, but was too lazy to do it myself. Asked my cobbler to do it when he replaced the worn heel toplifts last week. Very pleased with the result.
Very nice.@plot Q: is it a solid 1 piece bezel or does it have a (seperate) bezel insert?
^ Forgot: I'd rather risk being 'one of those customers everyone complains about' than being unhappy with results because of miscommunication. Tbh, I don't think the alteration guys mind. If anything, they always seem happy that I like their work and keep coming back to them.
I print this out and stuff it in the breast pocket when I drop off a jacket for alterations:
My default is two buttons with 1'' between the buttonholes.First suit I had done with 2 button sleeves was spaced a little wider, with exactly the width of a button between the 2 buttons. It does look a bit odd, but I've also seen this wider placement on a bunch of old pics, so that's also 'historically correct'.
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