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The PM overseeing my current project starts at 8.00am, leaves at 5.30pm. We've been hitting all our deadlines and are looking on track to wrap up on schedule. Former PM was often staying up until 1.00am getting involved in the minutiae. Seems that if you can distance yourself from the small matters, and negotiate realistic delivery timeframes up front, you're on the track to being a decent PM.
Quote: Originally Posted by countcount Bow ties? The Cordial Churchman Carrot & Gibbs More looking for neckties, however those are both fantastic examples (and I notice that Churchman did have some neckties also). Thanks for the suggestions so far, please keep them coming!
Quote: Originally Posted by pvrhye To what end? Purchase? Emulate? Valid question, should've specified. Purchase. Just looking for something that is unique and fresh. I'd rather my hard earned go to somebody who's has a great idea and is trying to get it off the ground than some tired industry behemoth.
Seeking recommendations for startup mens' neckwear designers. Anything with a website/online store would be highly appreciated. Pierrepont Hicks and co.807 are two examples I've come across in the past (though does not have to be US based). Greatly appreciative of any insights.
Quote: Originally Posted by tchoy I wouldn't do it, too many things can wrong. You better off paying the extra and getting the suits in Sydney. I had considered that as well - would be great to knock on P Johnson's door. Whilst the wedding won't be budget, I know the groom is looking to minimise costs where possible. Thanks all for the advice and words of warning. If I end up going ahead with it, I'll be sure to document the process (either...
I'm in the bridal party for a wedding in December, and am in charge of organising the suits. I typically balk at rentals, and wanted to avoid mass market OTR or the high cost of MTM in Australia. I've had several bespoke suits tailored for me whilst I was in India on business last year. Obviously this involved me selecting fabrics, attending several fittings, and some small alterations. To date, I've been very happy with the suits. I'm considering getting...
Quote: Originally Posted by ColdEyedPugilist Just popped into the HBone outlet at Surry Hills during lunch. Ties are... $30 at present! Got me a nice reversible navy-brown knit! Score - much of a range in the knit ties? I went there once about 18 months ago... it was pretty slim pickins', that's for sure.
Quote: Originally Posted by ruzzi Hey guys, got some great advice on this board over the years. I'm an in-house lawyer with about 5 years experience and not really going anywhere due to resume not having any "brand names" on it. But I get paid decent and have a great life here. I was casually looking and I've been offered a 12 month contract in sg with a global market leader, f500, top 10 global tech company etc etc. Pros: - Resume improves,...
+1 on the journal. If it comes to it, the more proactive you are when compiling your own records, the better. If he makes any comments again, I would slip in a reference to the fact you are keeping your own records, "just in case a similar accident happens again". Good luck.
It's a small world dude. As long as you didn't t burn your bridges (which sounds like the case) and you'll likely cross paths again. Take it as a positive that they actually wanted to go to lengths to keep you.
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