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I went a size down than my typical RG shirt/jacket size and it's a perfect oversized fit for me. I snapped a fit pic today and will post it up when I have a moment. I really like it.
I noticed those the other day and think they look really good too. If you due take out that card and make a purchase, please report back on your thoughts on wash in hand. I may join you soon enough.I just received the Bayfield Wash jeans from the sale and really like the wash and softer hand on these.
Nice! If you remember, could you chime in on sizing. I'm assuming I'd be a 48 in that shirt as I'm usually a 48 in shirts/jackets. Are you typically a 48 in tops?
Nice! They look great. You need the Pierre shirt to complete the "breezy" look. I'm coming around to these.Speaking of, I'm also coming around to the Pierre shirt the more I see it. The version on Totokaelo is pretty neat.
Thanks @artishard116.I just go mine in from Ssense and you weren't kidding. I grabbed a small and the fit was perfectly oversized for me. I really like this piece, feels like I'm ready to get my Rocky Balboa on and start training/running in the streets of Philadelphia. For anyone thinking about it, don't hesitate to grab it. Ssense, totokaelo, and Unknown currently have really nice sale prices right now with many sizes surprisingly still available. Don't...
That would be great. My main reservation was the tencel relaxed nature of the pant with the more traditional zip and clasp waist closure of trousers/pants. I would have preferred if it was a drawstring waist, but I guess Robbie was going for that juxtaposition of tailored meets casual.SSense carries the navy version. Grey version is available at NMWA, Contrbnd Shop off the top of my head.
I've been eyeing the Dusters up this season. Any chance you can post a front shot?
I've been eyeing that one up actually @Benesyed, how did you size it compared to shirts/tops/jackets?
Haven't seen much regarding the pigment died hoodies or cut offs and after the latest drops on SSense I decided to pick them up. I'm hoping I guessed right on sizing. I'm typically a 48 in Geller tops/coats (linen/cotton bomber from a few season ago, 48 in last season's FW 15 Richard Jacket) and went with a small in the cut-off and medium in the hoodie. Measurements I've seen made it seem the cut-off was a size bigger than tagged as they matched up with the mediums. ...
I can attest that this is an awesome jacket. Check my signature for a NWT version with different ribbing and collar detail for and an even lower price that that.
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