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I own the Taupe CPxGeller BBalls. I take a 41 in the CP Achilles models, but a 40 in their BBalls Hi. I took a 40 in CPxGeller BBall collab.
Anyone have any experience with the pigment dyed hoodies or sweats from this season and care to comment on sizing and just in general? It seems to be advertised as a "boxy fit" but the hoodies seem a bit cropped. If I'm a 48 in Geller bombers and 48 in his pleated armhole shirts are borderline snug on me (also a medium in Reigning Champ if that's a point of comparison), should I go medium on the hoodies? As for the sweat pants, the only reference on those I could find...
^ I like it. I haven't posted in here in a while either so thought I'd share a fit from today too after getting home from a long work day. I'm wearing this season's Baker Jacket in Dark Navy Twill, I really like the versatility: - SS16 Baker Jacket Dark Navy Twill - Brooks Brothers Made in USA Dress Shirt - Billy Reid Knit Tie - Polo Chinos - Alden PTB Shoes
The fabric is great isn't it? We are just about the same height I went with 2" cuffs at my tailors suggestion. He felt 1" cuffs were barely noticeable and I agreed. I pick them up today hopefully so I can let you know if I am satisfied if you like.About the tab, if you look back a few pages a member posted how they used it that was a good way to do it.
Yes, I'm the same size in Achilles and Mids.
You will not be disappointed, I own them in the regular Eidos cut and the fabric is great.
You serious? H+M/Gap/Banana Republic crap leather jackets go for more than that. You must be trollin' though.
Many people on this side of the forum generally don't think it's a good discount unless it's closer to 90% off and stack-able with a TBS code.If you find the time and are able to eventually get things online, I'll certainly be happy with the 60%
Has anyone else experienced slow response times from Gentry lately. Great store and generally good customer service, but I've had a few instances now where my emails have gone ignored. I'm usually not shy to give a call to the store, but sometimes when life is crazy and you need to email, it would be nice to get a response at least within a few days right?
My inseam is about the same. I think inseam on the 34 is about 32" or so (didn't measure, but best guess), so I plan to just roll them up for that spring/summer breezy casual wear. You could always get them hemmed and get the bottoms re-attached professionally I guess.
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