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Excellent idea and great move using the gumsole in lieu of white for the cordovan leather. @LA Guy or @Epaulet, is there any chance of seeing pics of any (preferable cigar and cognac from my end) of the sample sneakers with a bit of wear and tear before the pre-order window shuts down? They all look great brand new and I have no doubt you did your research, but it would be great to see pics with some mileage even if low mileage to give us all a sense of how they look worn.
Of course, but I would suggest you ensure to use a proper hanger with broad shoulder edges (i.e. suit hanger) and not a cheap and flimsy plastic one. For example: http://www.hangerproject.com/wooden-suit-hangers.html
Niche is great. I own that short sleeve sweater you posted. Check in the No Man Walks Alone and WAYWT threads for for pics I posted. Niche is Japanese sized so size up one from usual. I am a size small in just about all brands but take a medium in Niche tops including the short sleeved pocket sweater.
I also own the Truman in Brown Homespun (picked them up from Nepenthes) and think they are great. I compared them with my Cinch pants from last FW13 season when I got them in and as I recall (I did this like 2-3 weeks ago so memory is a bit fuzzy) and measurements were pretty similar with biggest difference being in the hem. I am a 32 in both the Cinch and the new Truman pants and when I compared, the hem was 0.5" bigger on the cinch pants (7.5" on the cinch versus 7" on...
NMWA is great and that coat is spectacular. Congrats on the pickup!
Ditto. I think I have been selling some nice things, but I've had a difficult time moving any of it at what I feel are pretty fair and "cheap" prices. Might have to give grailed a try myself soon.
That knit bedford is fantastic no doubt, but why the high price tag? I understand that it's a very rare piece, but if I recall the original retail on that was around $450-ish or so. Great piece, just a bit puzzled.
Same here and possibly too slim for that style IMO as well. I think a size up would be in order.
I am a 32 in just about all EG pants/shorts and went with a 32 in the brushed fatigues from this season and the fit is right, plus I can use the side button fastener to tighten waist more if needed. Don't think the waist would have dit well in a size down to 30.On the E1 pants, did you say you sized down 1 on those? How tall are you out of curiosity? My one concern was how the inseam would work on my height at 5'8" and if it would be too long given the elastic hem.
Ditto, thanks for the feedback @g transistor sounds like TTS is my best bet since I would just be wearing a button down or long sleeve tee beneath it at most. Fit pic would be a great bonus if you ever get to put one up. Wearing it under the shawl knit sounds perfect
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