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All prices include USPS priority within the CONUS. Add $10 for Canada for shirts/pants; $20 for shoes. PM me for other shipping quotes. For reference, I'm about 5'8", 150ish lbs., with a 36/37" chest. I'm typically a size small in shirts, a US 31/EU 48 in pants. In shoes I wear an 8D Alden Barrie/8.5D Alden Leydon, 41 in CPs, 42 in MMMs, 7 UK in Grenson, 7.5 UK 5 fitting Trickers, 9 in Quoddy and Sperry, 8 in Viberg. Brand New Peal & Co. for Brooks Bros. Shell Cordovan...
For all those with some Sage de Cret experience, what is your experience with sizing of shirts, blazers, shorts compared to some other brands? I'm particularly interested in the Linen blazer, matching shorts, and linen long shirt. I'm guessing that the brand runs typical to Japanese label sizing, i.e. size up one from your typical US size for both tops and bottoms?
I'm a 39 in shirts and took a medium in this season's basketweave cardigan.
Either way, the issues are not surprising. This is to be expected when stores manually convert for some unknown reason.
What is it for Cleveland sports since the last championship? 66 years? I would imagine if the Cavs win, it would still be crazy, especially given the Lebron hometown factor and that he "came back home" hype. Football fandom is on a whole other level generally (I'm in Philly so Eagles is THE team here), but I would think with a Bball championship, die hard football fans will express the emotion vicariously.
Too bad they inexplicably manually convert the brand numeric size labels to a tagged letter ( s,m,l, etc). Add my experience of no customer service email responses for clarification and unfortunately I move elsewhere.
The cotton SS shirts in cold gentle wash will be fine; just hang dry. I have washed all my SS shirts this way with no issues.
I generally always wore them untucked as a casual shirt, but I have worn the tattersal shirts tucked to work a few times as well with no issues.
That's a great look and fit on those pants. If I owned them that is how I would style. How did you size them compared to how you size other EG pants?
Never understand why online retailers do it, seems they are trying to make it easier, but really it only confuses me especially after you have dialed in on a brands standard sizing. Would you suggest keeping with your dress shirt size in the woven lupos?
New Posts  All Forums: