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I see it, too.Greg @gdl203 or Kyle @conceptual 4est Could I get your thoughts on sizing of the Geller Duster Lounge Pant? I'm generally a EU 48 in pants, medium in Geller Seconds pants, 46 or 48 in Geller Lounge Pants with elasticized waists, EU 50 in Eidos Sal pants. Trying to decide between 46 or 48, especially given the longer rise. I'm thinking 46.
Invest in a clothes drying rack. Wooden ones are best in my experience, but you can get them pretty cheap compared to what we spend on clothes.
I know you do, Greg, which is another reason why I appreciate your shop and think your customer service continues to stand out But now these things will sell out faster haha.
I'm looking forward to the Webstore launch, sounds like the "capsule" collection is nice. I'm also looking forward to the spring summer knits (indigo sweater and beige/green cardigan) to drop, those look really good. I recently took delivery of the green cotton/linen drawstring army pants and the henley popover shirt from Saks. I ordered the henley shirt in my Lupo size (L) and found it to be too big, so these fit a bit more loose than the Lupos, medium is my size in...
Front product shots for bottoms/pants!!! Those Schneider Trousers come across so differently now...but the Hammer trousers sold out in my size
Do you know what the leg opening is roughly? 7"?
Looking forward to the pics. How did you size it compared to your Lupo polos or other shirting/jacket sizing in Eidos?
Second pic was on a model, but it was more to show difference in how a trouser like a Sal pant comes across from front. Another good example would be the Lorenzo front shot model you provided during the Eidos pre-order, that model has pleats that are hard to picture worn from a side view for me. I guess it's me, but I hesitate on pants without seeing from front. Fortunately, I have been able to find your buys shot from front or modeled through Web searches, forum members...
That does help, maybe there's something in my head that likes to see how the pants look from the front, like looking in a mirror shot if you will so I can see how the rise, thigh, knee, ankle look from front. Take the Sal Trousers for instance, the measurements made it seem like the rise would be sitting above my belly button and the side shot wouldn't help me with that visual.This:...
I have. Was disappointed as I was going for the chukka's in a size that has evaded me all season and went the purchase went through I thought they were finally mine (even had shipping notification ready), but then Christian contacted me with the unfortunate news that they were oversold. Gotta say though, he was sincere and tried to make something else work out, but everything else was unavailable in my size too or just not what I was looking for. That sucks when that...
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