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Alright so I just confirmed that I am a size 39 (15.5) in the pop-over shirts so I'm guessing I would be a 15.5/39 in the other shirt styles as well, but not so sure about the overshirts (i..e quilted and flannel overshirt styles). Does anyone with experience with the quilted and regular shirting able to comment as to whether or not I should stick to a 15.5/39 in the quilted or flannel overshirt or if I should size up to a 16/40 so that if fits better over another button...
Great looking piece. I was highly interested in this piece since the first drop. Any chance you can post a picture with it worn? Would love to see how it looks on someone. Have you worn it out and comment on warmth? It sounds like wool Melton is nice and toasty.
Keep any eye on the site b.c I returned a 31/32 on Monday since the fit did not work out.Now if only karma would kick in and someone returns a size 8D in the suede Macomb boot that would be money.
I personally was not a fan of last season's fit on the pocket sweater. The slimness and V taper was too much for a sweater IMO. This season's fit I felt was spot on and how I like knits to fit.
I am typically a small and IV in most SS tops/knits and own the 4 in BEE. I posted a comparison shot of me wearing both a III and IV in it a ways back in this thread. Search my username and you will see the differences on me.
How is the sizing on the basketweave shawl sweater? I am typically a small in tops and knitwear across most if not all brands but I had to go with a medium for instance in the green medici windowpane sweater from this season. Would I be a medium in the cardigan too?
I picked up the small from Rooney shop a little while ago and can say that the piece is awesome and fits TTS. I'm a small in just about all tops/shirts/knits (especially EG) and the small was the right fit. Hits just below the belt so it isn't in that weird short cropped length that rides on the top of your belt everytime you raise your arms like older season Ervell bombers for instance. It's a warm piece for what it is, I like that colorway a lot.
@Mauro sorry if I missed it but any current update on when trousers from the pre-order will be completed? No rush for me so was just curious.
I picked them up via phone order from SF Bloomies a little bit ago and only returned them b/c after re-assessing the wardrobe, I determined that I had too much navy so I ended up returning them. That's the only reason though b/c the floral cinch pants are fantastic. I took the same size as I do with most EG pants (Sz 32) and they fit nice and slim without being too skinny looking. It's not relaxed, but not tight. I think thigh is about 11.5"-12" at crotch seam and...
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