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I own this jacket in 48 picked up from NMWA and can attest to how great it is. That's a fair price too.
I recently took delivery of this season's Richard Pants in a size 48 from Acrimony and holy crap these fit tight, way too tight in my opinion. I'm typically a 48 in these casual pants from RG, but the 48 look like tights, which is not an attractive look. I guess you have to be really skinny for these to work in your standard Geller size, otherwise I would advise on sizing up.I decided to exchange for the Dock Pants instead, but even looking at measurements for the Dock...
Not necessarily linen, but summerweight. Larose (I highly recommend their caps) and a new brand I only recently heard about from a Unionmade Goods newsletter (Kijima Takayuki) offers some options.https://www.eastdane.com/burlap-baseball-cap-larose/vp/v=1/1525253249.htm?folderID=35769&colorId=12560http://unionmadegoods.com/product/kijima-takayuki-paper-baseball-cap-in-blue/
PSA: If anyone is interested in a brand new pair of this past FW15 seasons Sal Trousers in the Sage Green Cavalry Twill colorway carried by NMWA in size 50, drop me a PM. I picked it up at the end of season sale they had but never got around to hemming or wearing them so I'm offering them up to my fellow member Eidos enthusiasts at cost.
Ditto. I tried several of this past seasons sport shirt offerings in both medium and large and the fit just didn't work for me. If length and fit gets a bit more sorted with the new factory then my wallet will be in for some punishment.
@NickPollicaI figured, thank you, sir. That shoot with MP3 is really really good BTW. Excellent display of your SS16 garments, some really great stuff in there. Congrats.Another quick question, do you know who makes the hat that is styled with that Maison Patrick shoot?
@NickPollica How is sizing for the band collar overdyed striped shirt below? I'm a large in the Lupo polos and a 39/40 in the dress shirts. I figure I err on the larger side given the overdye process that may have added more shrinkage to the garment than usual and go 40?
[[SPOILER]] A lot of greatness there, good stuff guys, well done!@conceptual 4est - What size are you in those Geller Duster Pants and what size do you take say in other Geller bottoms (jeans) or say Eidos trousers for comparison?
Look at the product shots on the NMWA website for all the Sal Trouser models from this season (http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/beige-fine-hemp-wool-sal-trousers-10-oz.html) and you will see how the tabs should function without having to punch a hole in the fabric.
I'm pretty sure you would be fine with a medium. I'm a 48 in the FJ and take a large in the polo styles.
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