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I typically prefer lighter brown tones in my shoes as I feel they provide me with the most versatility actually. The penny loafers I picked up are in the dark brown suede though and it's also a nice color. Here's a rough phone snap of mine:
Wearing my Barbanera Gatsby U-cap suede oxfords in light brown (noce) and I just wanted to say how boss they are. No break in period required, straight butter out of the box. Was concerned about how slippery the sole would be and have to say that after walking around on the concrete and pavement for a few minutes, slippage went away with ease too. The shape is really great and the comfort is superb, not as slim in the width as traditional European makers, which is a...
Ok, need some sizing advice if anyone has any experience with these Leder items. I'm typically a 34 (EU 50) in slim fitting dress pants (Eidos, Incotex, Rota, etc.), M in sweatpants from makers like Reigning Champ, Todd Snyder x Champion, etc. For tops, I'm a L in Blue Blue, M/L in Niche, 39 in Eidos, probably a V in SS nowadays; 5'8", 160 lbs. Would I be a medium or large? These drawstring trousers look insane. Debating between small and medium. @conceptual 4est...
Great fit @melonadejello there all around. For being sized up it looks good there. So are you normally a size XS/44 and this is a 46? I have a 48 on it's way to me so I guess I'll find out sizing first hand soon.
EU 42. I an 8D in Alden barrie, 8.5D in Alden Leydon, UK 7 in Loake, UK 7.5 Carmina Rain last, 41 in CPs for some references and took an 8/41 in the unlined strap loafer; it was a tiny bit narrow but I figured it would stretch with wear. I did not end up keeping them in order to purchase some other items but thought they were nice.
And I wear 41 in both Achilles and Taninos. I size down on their dress shoes/boots though. The Tanino is longer than achilles for sure, but it's the style and I have no heel slippage nor do I require an insole. It's longer, does not feel like a size bigger in terms of fit if that makes sense.
I noticed that these were still hanging around in a few sizes on Barneys Site, I jumped on the last size "large". I couldn't resist at the current sale price for a piece with fabric that looks off the hook. I take a 48 in the Field Jacket and I'm hoping that 1. size large = EU 50 and 2. that a size up to a 50 works in this cut. Based on some of the feedback in this thread, this version runs trim and that size up from the FJ size is in order. I should hopefully find out...
Hello all. Cross-post from the Geller thread:-Geller-RRL-CP x GellerAdditional Shots: [[SPOILER]]
As promised, here are some snaps of the cut off hoodie in action (bonus snaps of the taupe suede CP x Geller BBalls as well since I was wearing them today too). As I mentioned, I'm typically a 48 in Geller tops/coats, medium in the Seconds tops and went with a small in this and achieved the intended fit. I'm usually a medium in slimmer brand casual sweats from like W+H or Reigning Champ, size small in more classic fit brands.Sweatshirt and Sneaker Detail Shots [[SPOILER]]
I went a size down than my typical RG shirt/jacket size and it's a perfect oversized fit for me. I snapped a fit pic today and will post it up when I have a moment. I really like it.
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