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That seems contradictory. You are are a 30 and went with a 32 seems sized up. I'm a 32 and went with a 34 and the fit is comparable to FW14 fatigue in 32 with slimmer fit in the leg like you said.
I picked up the 6.5 oz. Navy Flat Twill version last week from NYY in my normal size 32, but they were too tight all around for me (seat, waist, thigh in particular) and I enjoy me some more slim fitting pants. After a wash, I figured they would have gotten even a bit more tight so I wasn't feelin' it. I exchanged them for a size 34 which just arrived today and the fit is great now, fit more like my FW13 brushed herringbone Fatigues, but a bit more slim. Based on my...
I'm not feelin' the Military shirt this season. I like the contrast on the shirt myself though. I'm more interested in the Copley shirts and the Camp shirts. You should get the band collar long shirt, report back and post a fit
I would say that is a good practice for any indigo garment on first wash.
Nice. Does anyone have any experience with the banded collar long shirts? I love the look and have been thinking of picking it up, but at 5'8" and a 39" length noted on Independence's site, I'm worried it will look silly long on me. Seems like it would hit me at my knees. Maybe I should eye up the Shop Coat instead.
PM me too please if you don't mind. That cardigan is at the top of my list.
It's up to you obviously but I think a size up would still look slim and give a better less restricting silhouette. Also taking cotton pants out in the seat is an easy task for a tailor but depending on how seams are pressed and other factors etc you may end up with some noticeable discoloration too.
Seems too tight in the top block. I would try a size up before you tailor those.
Thanks for the reply. On your advice I gave the black quilted size V a shot from LaGarconne and the fit is what I was looking for, slightly loosefit. Fit in shoulders and sleeve length were right on. I'm typically a IV in knits/tops/shirts glad I didn't go with IV in this. Cool piece.
@Epaulet - Make this exact boot in brown chromexcel or a burgundy variation and I'm all over it. Any chances of that happening?
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