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Or @gdl203 / @conceptual 4est when the Eidos FW16 pre-orders will be available?? I wants my Sal pants!
Nice. Here's some snaps of what might be the same coat from Twelve Blog located in Japan: http://www.twelve0492233757.com/staffblog/2016/08/frank-leder-herring-bone-wool-jktwool-double-brested-coat.htmlI just watched the Key Pieces video on the Leder site and I thought it was creative, neat concept. Now the question is, does every Leder Item from this FW16 season come with a key that potentially unlocks the chest in his studio in Germany or only a certain few? Then the...
Wool drawstring pants sound awesome. Are they sized the same as the drawstring linen pants from this SS16 season?
It has to be the jacket the model in the middle is wearing right? It looks great.Also, @NickPollica, the pants the model below is wearing are a must have for me. It looks like Barneys will be carrying since they appear to be modeled on that peacoat they picked, can you confirm and if other retailers will be carrying?
Yes. You can see it in CD's pic on the left. It's same material as the rest of the cardigan so it blends right in.
I'm 5'8", about 160-165 nowadays so you can gauge the fit. I remember you were close to my size maybe a bit smaller so it would fit you great too IMO. I was on the list months ago for this and when I officially purchase a few weeks back I was number 5 of 10 to order. I would call Robert Elder at Martin Patrik 3 to ask if there are any left. He was really great to work with.
It is one size, tag actually says "M", so close to a medium is a fair gauge I'd say. I own the FW15 belted wool cardigan in Medium and sizing is close, the Ajrak having a slightly more loose fit all around.
Nice, CD. Beat me to it. Fellow party of 10 Ajrak medallion cardigan owner here. I took delivery of mine too and thought I'd share some quick pics. @NickPollica - This thing is so great on so many levels. I'm glad you fought the good fight with your supplier/factory and got these made! Awesome work. PS - I'm ready to cook some eggs Pics (pardon the mess in the background!): [[SPOILER]]
Nice. Details?
I've got several winter Walts 31-32 I believe (some altered a bit in waist) that I need to unload but haven't found the time to put them all in a listing. Feel free to PM me for pics and details.
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