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I may have actually scored an Eidos Field Jacket before the rest of you Eidos vultures snagged them up for once That herringbone tweed looked too good to pass up. Fingers crossed it works out.
There is no link. SP had it available on their pre-order several months back, but they did not stock it in their current buy online. We are referring to the wool/silk speckled black pants shown in this lookbook picture from the current season: http://fuckingyoung.es/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Stephan-Schneider-FW15-Lookbook_fy13.jpg
Nice color for sure. Slightly off (but yet kind of on?) topic, Larose makes some really nice ballcap & 5 panel hats. I picked one up last FW season and find it a really well made and nice fit.
I got the same ones from the SP pre-order and have to agree, they cut is really nice on these and I like the fabric and knit panel detail. I'm generally a 32 in jeans and pants and went with a V for a nice comfortable slim straight fit.
Hard to tell from that angle really, but I would think a bit longer would be better especially if you start to layer it underneath which will start pushing the sleeve up some possibly even more. Was the fit in the body the next size up too baggy then?
Well played!
Sounds awesome. Wish they would post the items on the website already. How did you size the Cable Knit Jacket compared to your typical EG jacket size or size in tops? Did you size up?
Greg/Kyle (@conceptual 4est) do you recall if next ts(s) shipment(s) contain any of the quilted liners/vests/jackets by chance? Some references:https://b37e2a690c47a2f6ed57-3cb151b8083f8d1f7f63333299fd431c.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/products/large/f45c8ea8896321cc04e07c670e6c70da.jpghttps://b37e2a690c47a2f6ed57-3cb151b8083f8d1f7f63333299fd431c.ssl.cf3.rackcdn.com/products/large/ae16c79e60b016500dd88eee800faf77.jpg
@Epaulet and crew dropping some serious fall goods lately. Good stuff, Mike. I am going to miss summer, but fall/winter attire is the biz-ness!
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