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Greg posted a picture of him wearing the brown boiled wool version in this thread shortly after receiving them in the store for the FW15 delivery. If you go through the picture gallery in this thread you'll see one.
Good question as I was wondering the same. Would be a nice opportunity to order a unique style that will most likely not be available through other vendors, etc.@gdl203 - is ordering an odd Lorenzo style pant in the swatches you provided a possibility?
Mauro, these two shirts look killer. Can you provide some insight into what the details of these are? First one looks like a washed all cotton pique type of material, second one looks like chambray or a linen blend?
Great opportunity. Can you clarify whether the actual Viberg labeled size indicated on the boots correspond to your site's indicated UK size or US size label? I know my Viberg boot size based on the actual Viberg indicated size, the conversions always confuse me.
Wow, NMWA and Styleforum Pre-Orders for SS is pretty great. The items being offered look sweet and I am liking the look of this FW collection so far. @LA Guy, is the knee length hooded jacket you will be offering this one here by chance? : http://cdn.styleforum.net/1/1c/1c49183a_DSC03891.jpeg
I have had the same issue with fit of the shirts the last few seasons since he changed the sizing, too tight, especially in the waist, even some of the past few pocket sweaters had too much waist suppression for a knit in my opinion. I can't do the shirts anymore which stinks b.c I like his club collars...ah well.
Such a great piece. If I wasn't able to snag an Eidos field jacket, that would have been my next choice.
Does @NickPollica or anyone know if any stockists is carrying the thermal knit shawl sweater shown in the "Correspondent" lookbook on the GlenxEidos site shown here?: http://36.media.tumblr.com/6c7aefd179c8c96d91a29f2ae75db84c/tumblr_ntgqe5DUlf1toizdso1_1280.jpg Cool casual piece, but can't find it anywhere.
Knitwear and ts(s) always catch my attention. So many knits in my closet, but they are my kryptonite!So a Google Search brings up this for Kanata hand knits: http://global.rakuten.com/en/store/earthmarket/item/kana39975/ Is this a style we can expect?
This sweater is great. Looks like Bloomies NYC and Gentry NYC is sold out so the hunt begins. Anyone have sizing experience with this beauty in case I miraculously happen upon one? I'm a 39 in Eidos shirts, 48 in the Field Jacket and I would assume the sports coats though I never tried any on), medium in the cotton basketweave cardigan from SS15. I'm usually a small in most designer tops/sweaters but wasn't sure if I would be a small or medium in this. Would want that...
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