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Just got notification that my Boucle Wool drawstring pants from Barneys just shipped. Can't wait. Picked up the 34s (same size as my spring/summer cotton/linen drawstrings) so fingers crossed they work out. For those who missed out, looks like the website still has availability in a few sizes: http://www.barneys.com/product/eidos-boucl-c3-a9-wool-drawstring-pants-504706717.html If anyone snatched up the 32s and they don't work out, keep me in mind as I may be looking...
Sounds good to me. I'm looking forward to it.
Awesome. Greg (@gdl203), any word on when the Eidos FW 2016 pre-orders will land? Did I miss that announcement or possibly an email?
Knits and hangers should never mix.
Wow, Mike. I typically love what you do, but this is on another level even. These look killer. I'm sure you've been wearing a sample or someone from your staff maybe. Assuming so, any preliminary sizing advice on these as compare to say your trainers (I'm a US 9/EU 42 in those) or Alden Barrie or Carmina Rain last? I want to be prepared for this when they drop
That's a great looking boot. How would you say sizing compares to some popular SF brands such as Alden Barrie (I'm an 8 US), Common Projects (41), your Aperture Sneakers (41.5), Carmina (7UK), Loake (7 UK)' etc.?
Fixed that for you
Can't wait to see it all drop. Coat from Insta looks awesome.On the subject, here's some looks from the site for those interested:http://www.united-arrows.jp/catalog/looksmen16aw/index.htmlhttp://www.united-arrows.jp/catalog/camoshita2016aw/001.html
That escalated quickly. The thirst is real.Music to my ears.
RE: The wool drawstring pants that were discussed a few pages ago. I noticed that they went up for pre-order on the Barney's website sometime over or just before the weekend: http://www.barneys.com/product/eidos-boucl-c3-a9-wool-drawstring-pants-504706717.htmlI placed my order for the 34s. Fingers crossed it will go through and then that they'll fit. Pants anticipated to be received by Barney's in October. The wait will suck, but they look killer so I couldn't resists.
New Posts  All Forums: