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NMWA dropping it like it's hot... Great stuff right there.
That jacket looks great. What's the price on that one?
Any chance you can post some fit pics? Hard to find them around but would be great to see some non-website pics to get a better idea.
Did you find out any pricing info on the bush shirts? Curious on pricing of the plaid
This season (its just August for crying out loud!) is already putting a dent in my wallet. I've already picked up about 5 pieces. I recently snagged a size medium long beanie in Olive Diamond Knit. I liked the pattern detailing and the styling from the Lookbook so decided to give it a shot. Cool piece.Nice update. I ended up picking up the Navy/Olive Floral Bask Top from Nepenthes and it is great. It fits true to size so I went with my standard size small and fit is...
So does anyone know if a FW14 lookbook or articles are out there somewhere? The official site is still only showing current season and a Google search was turning up empty for me. I see a few UK/European sites are starting to show some new stock trickling in, but that's it.
Great write up. I now have a few pieces of Barena gear and experienced a few others that didn't fit and had to return (Yoox!) and really like the materials and designs. I tried to get a hold of the linen lightweight/unlined blazers Yoox was selling, but they were sold out of my size. Really nice stuff.
This spring/summer season was so good. X-post from WAYWT:Some details: [[SPOILER]]
I've gotten re-acquainted with an old brand favorite this spring/summer... [[SPOILER]] Some details: [[SPOILER]]
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