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@Mauro sorry if I missed it but any current update on when trousers from the pre-order will be completed? No rush for me so was just curious.
I picked them up via phone order from SF Bloomies a little bit ago and only returned them b/c after re-assessing the wardrobe, I determined that I had too much navy so I ended up returning them. That's the only reason though b/c the floral cinch pants are fantastic. I took the same size as I do with most EG pants (Sz 32) and they fit nice and slim without being too skinny looking. It's not relaxed, but not tight. I think thigh is about 11.5"-12" at crotch seam and...
He beat me to the 50% off notification, but I did the same the other day And treated myself to a nice knit hoping they both work out
Maybe mine?
Not gonna lie the jacket in someone's sig is the bomb.
Looks great Mike. Any chance that bone color from the sample shown in the roden gray sweat pant shots will make it into production? That color needs to be in my wardrobe.
They helped me big time with some purchases this year. I picked up the pocket sweater and as stated in the last few posts, it fits TTS this season. I'm typically a size small (US 36) in most brands and the small pocket sweater fit me great, nice comfortable slightly relaxed fit unlike last season which was too tight IMHO.I also picked up the wool flecked hoodie and can attest that it runs super small. I had to take a large in that piece so be warned and expect to have...
Haha. Thanks for posting the fit guys. I'm typically a small so I'm guessing I'm better suited to get the size EU 48 on to achieve proper over shirt fit.I'm typically a small across all brands, including the current season Polos and took a Medium in the Medici sweater for a proper fit. I'm generally a EU 48 in slim Italian fit brands. Size small would have been waayy too small and tight, I suggest one up from your typical size.
I would agree that this one is probably best gifted to someone else or sold to get some cash to put toward another purchase that would suit you better. I think an SS cardigan of some variety would be better on you. It's a great piece, but the fit does not look flattering. No need to force it IMO.
Greg @gdl203, Kyle @conceptual 4est or anyone else, is the Schneider denim blue garden soft hidden placket shirt (http://www.nomanwalksalone.com/index.php/garden-soft-cotton-hidden-placket-shirt-in-denim-textured-blue.html) a regular or slim fit SS shirt? My experience in the past has almost always been that a size up is necessary for his hidden plackets, but I don't notice any darts in the back of this one which typically means regulr fit and to stick to typical size (4...
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