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It's up to you obviously but I think a size up would still look slim and give a better less restricting silhouette. Also taking cotton pants out in the seat is an easy task for a tailor but depending on how seams are pressed and other factors etc you may end up with some noticeable discoloration too.
Seems too tight in the top block. I would try a size up before you tailor those.
Thanks for the reply. On your advice I gave the black quilted size V a shot from LaGarconne and the fit is what I was looking for, slightly loosefit. Fit in shoulders and sleeve length were right on. I'm typically a IV in knits/tops/shirts glad I didn't go with IV in this. Cool piece.
@Epaulet - Make this exact boot in brown chromexcel or a burgundy variation and I'm all over it. Any chances of that happening?
In the 32 I think the thigh measured about 11.5"-12" laid flat from crotch seam across so standard fit top block in the size from my experiences.
Acrimony is carrying the slim straight type 3 denim variation in the 5 year wash. I actually purchased the 32 and while I thought the wash and denim details were nice overall, I returned them as I was looking for a slightly looser fit personally. The hem measured 7 inches and I was looking for something closer to 7.5 for the look I am after.
Excellent. I was deciding between the quilted Mac Alva or the quilted ts(s) blazer and decided on the Mac to fill a hole in the wardrobe. I also just picked up the blue ts(s) ombre shirt in this pics as well, looking forward to it.
@NickPollica Did anyone pick up this fantastic sweater for the Spring/Summer 2015 collection? http://cdn.styleforum.net/3/3c/3c37a4d0_DSC03591.jpeg It looks really good and hoping a good amount of places are carrying it. Thanks in advance.
I also own the donegal denim shirt and ditto the sentiment that it is fantastic. I really like the fabric on this one, too.PSA: Anyone still looking for a size small navy basketweave cardigan should call Bloomindales King of Prussia, PA. I was in there this past weekend and they had it sitting in an odd space in the back for about $250 or so I believe. It was 100% an online purchase and in-store return as the Men's collection at this particular store is pretty wack. I...
So I recall the discussion about the pull pine sweater having a small neck opening, but is the fit in the body in arms slim or more on the boxy side. I'm wondering if I would take the same size in the pine as I do say regular fit shirts and knits which I'm a IV in? Not looking for a slim fit, more relaxed but not at the expense of it looking a size too big. What do you guys who have it say, size IV or V? No one has fit pics by chance do they?
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