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I'm looking at buying the "Samurai Jeans - 19oz Mid/High Rise Relaxed Fit ". How much do Samurai Shrink? I was also considering LVC 55. I want a little bit of a relaxed jean. I usually wear a size 35 relaxed straight jeans from JCPenny. Thanks!
What fits like APC Rescue, but with a higher back rise of about 1-2 inches? I was looking at PBJ 003 as a good alternative, or Samurai Mid/High Relaxed fit versions. thx.
What dose everybody think about, "Real Real Genuine" Jeans? I was thinking of getting a pair from revolve, but I have not found to much useful info online.
Hello, what are some jeans with a large top block like, KMW 2010, 5EP SDZ, and Levis 1947? More fit pics. I wanted a looser jean, but not super loose. I usually dont like Nudes because of the bright stitching, but these look good. I might try them.
What are some good 1947 brands, in terms of quality? I just bought a pair of Levis 1947, and they fit me well, but want to get 1 or 2 more, but not the same brand. Thx!
What Jean has a similar fit as APC Rescue, but with a longer back rise by about 1-2 inches?
I'm about to get some 1947, but I want them to be a little relaxed. I've read that the 1947 can be slim or relaxed depending on how you size. I want a size 34X34-35 if possible. I plan to soak them to get the shrinkage out of the way. How much should I size up to get them relaxed? I have only 5ep LDZ 34/32 to go by, other than that, I wear size 34 on regular 30 dollar relaxed Levis. Based on the tag on the Levis, I was going to order a size 36x38.
Hello, I just tried on a pair of KMW 1950, and I really liked them. I will have to return them for 36/34, since 34/34 did not fit. I had tried on a pair of 34/34 2010 and they fit perfectly, but I guess its not the same for the 1950 model. My question is, what major difference is there in fit between the Rinse and the Raw? The KMW 1950 I tried on are in Rinse, or what other brands have the same fit as the 1950. Thank you.
What size should I get in Sugarcane 1947, if I wear a 33 Waist in 5ep? I really like the 1947 Levis style, except I cant find a place to buy them... thx
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