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Today was my quintessential day: Morning: Vintage chambray blazer, RL shirt with tab collar, vintage knit tie, Grandpa's odometer/propeller tie clip, RL belt/seersuckers, Church's spectators, Tom Ford sunnies Mid-afternoon for the Cherry Blossom Festival: My kimono with tsubame designs (swallows) with vintage obi, inro, getas, and parasol (perfect for the blistering sun) Late afternoon hike: GStar shorts, Asics, REI zipup, GG bridge
Supporting the local farmers on a sunny Saturday by the bay (the strawberries are starting to come in!): John Callanan trilby, Prada shirt, JCrew shorts, Tod's loafers, BR cardi
What I wore tonight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aykRUHzFdJQ
Raining still: MO jacket, Varvatos tee, Etro trousers, Dior Homme boots
Last day in Rome at Castel Sant' Angelo: Firenze:
Quick post before dinner... Hope y'all doing well. I am! Near Piazza Navona: Palatine Hill and the Forum:
Asparagus contains methionine -- sulfur-containing amino acid that iis broken down to methanediol and excreted via urine.
Quote: Originally Posted by Phat Guido - trying to understand why you nearly always stand on your toes to accentuate you calfs with your rear angle shots? "Nearly always"?-- I have only posted maybe 4 shorts shots in this forum and this is the first time flexing from the rear view by special request.
Here is a fit pic. BR tneck, Diesel pullover, GStar camo shorts, Dsquared sneaks
Quote: Originally Posted by Teger there is a ton of trad/prep influence in this forum and as MC and this WAWYT are populated by pretty different communities, exposure to something slightly outside of the norm is a good thing Like antibodies, you got to build up your immunity, laddies.
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