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Shiny Thursday: Blazer, striped top, pants (greenish blue with orange iridescent cast) by Dries Van Noten, Ferragamo loafers, Echo scarf Vroom:
TGIF in: Drykorn jacket, Momimomi thermal longsleeve with carp graphic, Diesel thai wrap style pants, Dior Homme boots, Vivienne Westwood sunnies
Struggling in mid-90s heatwave... Mon: Faconnable linen blazer, Citadel military shirt, random pinstripes, Ferragamo loafers Tues: YFYF blazer (where are my cuffs?), Luca Altieri linen shirt, UO belt (I think), RL white denim (oh yeah..), Tod's loafers then stripping off and folding up for the stroll to properly enjoy the day (boba style)
Today was my quintessential day: Morning: Vintage chambray blazer, RL shirt with tab collar, vintage knit tie, Grandpa's odometer/propeller tie clip, RL belt/seersuckers, Church's spectators, Tom Ford sunnies Mid-afternoon for the Cherry Blossom Festival: My kimono with tsubame designs (swallows) with vintage obi, inro, getas, and parasol (perfect for the blistering sun) Late afternoon hike: GStar shorts, Asics, REI zipup, GG bridge
Supporting the local farmers on a sunny Saturday by the bay (the strawberries are starting to come in!): John Callanan trilby, Prada shirt, JCrew shorts, Tod's loafers, BR cardi
What I wore tonight: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aykRUHzFdJQ
Raining still: MO jacket, Varvatos tee, Etro trousers, Dior Homme boots
Last day in Rome at Castel Sant' Angelo: Firenze:
Quick post before dinner... Hope y'all doing well. I am! Near Piazza Navona: Palatine Hill and the Forum:
Asparagus contains methionine -- sulfur-containing amino acid that iis broken down to methanediol and excreted via urine.
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