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Darts are unfortunately a necessary evil for those of us with 10"+ drops...
I remember Charlie mentioning that they deduct the VAT on phone orders. I'm sure they can walk you through the process.
If you email the folks at Anatomica with your size, they will gladly send you their stock. Visited the store this past summer - great group of guys.
New sport coats added!
Paul Stuart has an ongoing sale - not sure when it's ending. The other stores are clearing out the F/W inventory. Definitely bargains to be had right now.
Hampton last so should fit TTS. The fit was never perfect for me and looking to unload to make room for the replacement in my closet. Note: (1) shoe trees are not included, (2) the soles have been Topy'ed, and (3) you will need a cobbler to re-attach the insole to the shoe (should be a very easy job). Venmo and NYC pick up preferred but I will ship and accept PayPal as well.
Good eye - shirt has been worn a couple of times but I kept it folded and changed into it in the evening.
Some slight deviations to the de facto standards... Tux: Sartoria Formosa (props to @gdl203) Shirt: @Shirtmaven Shoes (not pictured): Crockett & Jones velvet slippers Braces: Albert Thurston Bowtie: J. Press Pocketsquare: PRL
Just opened up, used to be an Urban Outfitters. Note there is nothing else worth looking at besides the ties. Pair this with a visit to C21 to browse through the LBM and Zegna wares (although I picked up a Brunello Cucinelli sweater)...
Great post, this is much appreciated. Any polos in the NYC showroom?
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