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J. Press outsources to this mysterious trouser manufacturer as well.
G-ShockMy contribution - first big splash:
For others looking to bid with Discover, I am looking into this. Hopefully there is a resolution.EDIT: I just received word that Charitybuzz unfortunately cannot process Discover transactions. If you are still interested in bidding and do not have an Amex/MasterCard/Visa, a workaround they suggested is making the actual payment via wire transfer or cashiers check should you win the auctionHopefully that's extra incentive to make a bid north of £2,000
Less than 24 hours until the auction ends - don't forget to make your bids!
Looking for a quick sale. Domestic shipping via USPS Priority Mail but willing to ship worldwide for additional cost (please PM for shipping quote). PayPal or cash pick up in NYC. Tagged size 42 (but fits more like a 40) slim navy linen blazer. White buttons (I think MoP) - perfect summer blazer! Minimal usage as I prefer the unlined hopsack blazer J Press put out last season. Measurements Shoulder: 18.5" Chest: 21" Sleeve length: 24.5" Waist: 18" BoC length: 30"
This will be for a brand new Steed sport coat from scratch. Only thing I can't promise is Edwin and Matthew personally measuring you at your residence or office
I forget the exact percentage, but we have very little overhead on this auction as our group is fortunate enough to have someone working at Charitybuzz. Also, just a little more marketing - a picture of me meeting my recipient for the first time - yall can help make this happen!
Gents: I wanted to share with you all a fantastic opportunity to bid on a bespoke Steed sport coat to support the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society! I know many of you already know of Edwin and Matthew at Steed Tailors (now also at Savile Row Golf) and their fantastic work featured on the WAYWRN and Anderson & Sheppard Expatriates threads, but I cannot thank them enough for taking their time and resources to make this happen as well. Of course, I also have to thank them for...
$565 IIRC
Silk scarves are $220 (they were annoyingly Armoury tagged)
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