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Sounds like a job for Ercoles.
Anatomica carries Saphir as well
I had the pleasure of meeting these gentlemen at their storefront last month in London while visiting Matthew of Steed (I think Steed rents space out of C&M). Fantastic pieces, I was blown away by a particular double breasted they had out - the lapels are truly unique and distinctive.
Color 8 PTB on the modified last from Anatomica
I thought you wanted a coat altered. For shirts, I usually head to my local dry cleaner.
For simple jobs like this, I usually head to LNC Tailor in Chinatown as Mr. Chu offers the best price/quality ratio. I suspect this will run you about $30-50.
Picked up this versatile summer cotton/silk blend sportcoat at the recent Boglioli sample sale for $225 but now having buyers remorse (a bit too small for me). PayPal or pickup in NYC - please PM for international shipping quote. Measurements Shoulder: 18" Chest: 21" Waist: 18.5" BoC: 28" Sleeve length (note working buttons): 25.5"
What's the difference between the Bloomingdales and Carson Street navy silk blazers?
The Isaia semi-annual sample sale is usually around this time - have not received an email yet but hopeful. Also, Kiton at Soffier Haskin but the discounts have historically been marginal at best.
My favorite:
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