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Oats do not themselves contain gluten, but almost all commercially available oats are cross contaminated with gluten.
I thought that was the point of going to yoga.
Well this thread was good while it lasted.
There is always a C. Scarcity mentality.
I've only had them since the end of August, so I can't speak to longevity. The most popular small MP3 players amongst athletes seem to be the iPod Shuffle and the Sansa Clip.
All of the headphones in Sennheiser's Adidas line are sweat and water resistant and have Kevlar reinforced cables. I've been very happy with my PMX 680s.
Sennheiser Adidas CX 680i
Anyone have an extra invite collecting dust?
Quote: Originally Posted by intent I watched the highlights of the game again. Anyone who says the Bruins are "less dirty" than the Canucks needs their head checked. Is there really anyone making the argument that the Bruins play clean? I'm a Bruins fan and it's the one aspect of the current team that pisses me off. For one, I wish Lucic would stop punching people in the head with his glove on after the whistle. I think the surprise for a lot...
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