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Good post.
Quote: Originally Posted by Soph What study(ies) showed it doesn't work for 20% of the population? What were the protocals: dosages, methods effectiveness etc. Just hearsay to be honest.
It doesn't work for around 20% of the population. I've taken it, didn't work for me. I've got 2 mates that took the same stuff and love it. I'm just one of the 20% I guess.
I used to take a multi, don't now. I have never seen any studies that demonstrate that a multi is worth it. It is all a load of marketing hype.
Quote: Originally Posted by benecios The biggest,most famous sporting club in the whole world, Manchester United Football Club! SCUM!
Liverpool. 5 Times Baby
Some good reads posted so far. My picks: House of the Spirits - Isabelle Allende Meditations - Marcus Aurelius
Heard about a guy strap himself into a squat once. He then put too much on the bar, walked out and fell backwards. He also ripped both his shoulders out of his sockets.
If you define God as an all powerful, complete, perfect being, then the idea that he needs/wants entertainment is somewhat silly.
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