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Green tea, Japanese Sencha. Love the stuff.
Philosophical dialogues. Photography. Music.
Which ever one has the most squat racks.
I cheat too much, but I try to cheat with meals that have a lot of protien, and on days that I workout.
Quote: Originally Posted by veggieman 6) When weightlifting how many grams of protein should you eat a day to gain muscle? (I'm a vegetarian so I was wondering if I should step it up from my usual 60 grams a day) It's like 1 to 2g per lb of bodyweight I think. But not 100% sure. I know that 60g is not enough, I would have that in my breakfast
What do people use for gym bags? What's in it?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I use the same, but I think the build quality is crap. Another friend of mine is having similar problems with her's. I still use them because the audio quality is great and they fit very comfortably in my ears. I wear them when walking to class or at the gym because I hear nothing of the outside world. The EX 71's, oddly enough, don't have this problem at all. I have a pair of MDR-EX51's that are almost identical...
I just got a pair of Sony EX 71's, I'm loving them. I've seen a few complaints around, but most reviews are very positive. I got them for $80 NZ, which is like $50 US.
Hurt - J. Cash
Green tea.
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