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Quote: Originally Posted by Saucemaster Is that even the point? The point, as I read it, is that the animal is dead. Someone screwing a *LIVE* animal is a completely different phenomenon. I'd classify it under cruelty to animals at that point. Is it being cruel to an animal to kill it for food? I do not get how people can think animals have rights, and then have no problem with them being slaughtered for food.
Quote: Originally Posted by LabelKing I don't see why this is a crime. Agree. Surely if animals have no right to life (ie killing for food) then how can they have the right of sexual freedom?
I'm just looking for something functional, more so than just a duffel.
Green tea, Japanese Sencha. Love the stuff.
Philosophical dialogues. Photography. Music.
Which ever one has the most squat racks.
I cheat too much, but I try to cheat with meals that have a lot of protien, and on days that I workout.
Quote: Originally Posted by veggieman 6) When weightlifting how many grams of protein should you eat a day to gain muscle? (I'm a vegetarian so I was wondering if I should step it up from my usual 60 grams a day) It's like 1 to 2g per lb of bodyweight I think. But not 100% sure. I know that 60g is not enough, I would have that in my breakfast
What do people use for gym bags? What's in it?
Quote: Originally Posted by whodini I use the same, but I think the build quality is crap. Another friend of mine is having similar problems with her's. I still use them because the audio quality is great and they fit very comfortably in my ears. I wear them when walking to class or at the gym because I hear nothing of the outside world. The EX 71's, oddly enough, don't have this problem at all. I have a pair of MDR-EX51's that are almost identical...
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