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No one?
Quote: Originally Posted by tljenkin I still have a Tommy Hilfiger wallet that I bought near the beginning of 8th grade in 1999, and I think it's time for a change. I see some pretty cool wear patterns on a lot of the jeans here and was looking for a good, solid brand under $60 (or more if that is more important than I realize). The ones I have now are so wide that they don't make a defined square in my pocket, they just make the entire pocket larger. ...
At the moment, barring all my football boots/gym shoes etc I've only really got two pairs of casual shoes, Puma Brasils (mine are black/white/blue): and these: Anyway, I'm looking for a third pair of shoes, still casual but not in the same trainer/sneaker sort of look as my other two shoes. I'm at university, so I'm not really in need of a dress shoe. I'm think a more tan/brown sort of shoe would be better, but not sure what type. I've seen a lot on here about...
Quote: Hi guys, I'm a skinny Asian dude w/, IMO, very narrow shoulders for a guy my height (5'11''). Don't let it be an excuse. Quote: I'm looking to build up my arms, shoulders, broaden my shoulders, enhance my tiny, tiny, six-pack, & tone my legs. You want to build muscle. Quote: My legs (calves & thighs) are abnormally muscular for my size/weight bc of my dad's darn genes. W/ the tiny bit of fat on them, they...
I'm using a Mack 3 Turbo, I want to get a DE though.
I just got these, love them:
Quote: Originally Posted by Britalian Maybe Liverpool will be next season's Chelsea if the sultan picks up the club and goes shopping. make room in the trophy cabinet. We don't have any room in our trophy cabinet anyway 18-5!
Quote: Originally Posted by adamm411 I didn't know Nike manufactured Chucks and now I'm feeling slightly miffed. As you already know, Nike pays its workers 50 cents an hour, and refuses to recognize efforts to improve working conditions in its factories. Nike is also the manufacturer of the beloved Chuck Taylors. However, you can now buy the classic Chuck Taylor look and style from companies that treat their workers right: Would you rather...
EDIT - actually I don't even have TR's, I have Full Circles.
Routines: Westside, P/RR/S, a Push/Pull/Lower split. Exercises: Deadlift, Squat, Bench, Row, Pull Up, Overhead press.
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