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Quote: Originally Posted by coachvu Agreed, but that's considered a full squat. For example, if you were lifting competitively, it would not count as a rep unless you went to at least parallel. There are plenty of machine that provide great leg workouts while also reducing the stress on your knees, so if knee problems are a concern, I would avoid bar squats completely. Going all the way down (ATG) causes less stress than a parallel squat. ...
Quote: Originally Posted by knucks If those are your numbers, my mistake then. S/B/D ? I saw on your blog your numbers, now I see they are in kg. My mistake Yeah sorry about that, it's in kg's and it's my first time doing unilateral work so the weights are low And it's S/B/D.
Quote: Originally Posted by knucks edit: AdamG: I respect your comments on it all but by looking at your numbers, you don't have much room to talk. But hey, if the form's right, right? 385/275/440 at 205 aren't good numbers? What are your totals then? Why you even said that when I haven't posted my stats I don't know.
Thanks guys.
Federer Amazing performance. Hope he can get the Grand Slam this year.
Hey guys, I'm looking for Beethoven's 5th & 9 Symphonies, but don't know which recording to get. If someone could point me in the direction of a good performance of these two pieces?
Just a few random thoughts Squats: - if you are squatting with a decently wide stance, focus on pushing your knees out when coming out of the hole. - place the bar as far back on your back as possible - when coming up keep your eyes and head pointed up - go all the way down - be doing front squats and lunges to help your back squat Deads: - focus on pushing your feet through the floor - mixed grip will help you lift more, overhand will train your grip more -...
I just bought a pair of these jeans, 38w 35l and I'm wondering really where too from here? Do I wash first then wear, or wear then wash? How do I wash/How long do I wear for?
Here are mine.
No one?
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