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What are the best two or three pieces composed by Mozart? And which recordings of these are the best?
Read Plato's Republic or Marcus Aurelius' Meditations. Helped/Helps me.
I've got a Mack 3 Turbo, a badger brush, a plastic bowl for making lather and Body Shop shaving cream.
Can't wait for the final, Liverpool v Man U hopefully. We'll win it 6 times in Greece!
Pity The Dead - Bad Religion Run Run Run - The Velvet Underground In My Continental - Atmosphere Black Shampoo - Wu Tang Clan WWIII Intro - The Beat Junkies Underneath It All - No Doubt F.O.D. - Green Day Teen Age Riot - Sonic Youth Viva los Vegas - Dead Kenndys Storm In A Teacup - Red Hot Chili Peppers
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim Good question... I just found it online one day when I was missing TKO. Must be a helicopter, don't think Paris has any buildings that high that close to the Tower.
I would rather have a white background than the light blue one. It's not that big a deal though, good job guys.
Quote: Originally Posted by blank I know that diet and cardio are two keys to building a better body. Luckily, for the most part, I have the diet thing down pat. I lift frequently (I try for four days a week) and swim for an hour two of those days. On the other two days, I have to rely on another source for a cardio workout, and I hate cardio. I hate running. I don't hate biking or the eliptical, but I know that it achieves fewer results. Is there a...
Quote: Do you mean leg extensions? Those are exercises you do in physical therapy to protect your knees. By strenthening your quads, you help stabilize your knees. There is a difference between light therapy to rebuild a joint and using a machine to get strong and build muscle. I've heard bad things about the leg extension with regard to the stress it puts on the knee. I wouldn't touch it regardless though; squats are much more effective. "In a...
It's not about what food but what quantity.
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