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Quote: Originally Posted by Opcn Its not about bulking up, it is about being very strong, which I am. I can do about 2/3rds of what I could 3 months ago right now, I know this bcause I went back to the gym and tried on tuesday, so my former strength was not just genetic. Also, the question was one of what our workout routins are/were, not what the ideal routine would be. You can do 2/3 of what you could 3 months ago, that is progress? How is...
Quote: Originally Posted by Opcn I haven't made it to the gym in a few months, because I'm in school and the Gym here has abbreviated summer hours. I'm 5'11" 205 and a month from 21. Every day starts with 15-30 minutes of rowing on a rowing machine. Arm days start with 15-20X25lb Bicep curls Then 10-15X20lb Bicep curls Then 5-10X15lb Bicep curls Then 5-10X10lb Bicep curls Then 5-10X5lb Bicep curls I do three sets of this, basically going...
Quote: Originally Posted by chobochobo I'd still go for Henry. Bent is pants. His scoring record is pretty good, especially considering the shite he was playing with.
Quote: Originally Posted by water Exactly how mixed up are things when Darren Bent commands a higher transfer fee than Thierry Henry? Henry is 30, Bent is 23.
Quote: Originally Posted by Kopite Torres now with Liverpool. One of the best young footballers, a Liverpool fan and he's Spanish, couldnt have asked for more to be honest, number one on my list. I'm a Liverpool fan too but honeslty I'd prefer Tevez. Torres' scoring record is poor, and he's known for missing easy chances. Does tend to score against the big sides though. He will be a good signing, but not enough to really challenge for...
Quote: Originally Posted by selfmademob Because of tha Misc. crew postin noodz and PIITB and dat dere cell-tech. (no homo) I sea what you did there! Repped! Seriously though, T-Nation, Ironmagazine, the M&F Fourms and are a good start. EliteFTS if you are into strength training.
No such thing as a cutting workout, only cutting diets.
Quote: Originally Posted by Andre Yew That's a really open-ended question, and depends on so many things. Mozart has masterpieces in virtually every area of classical music: opera, chamber music, symphonies, concerti, etc. Is there a particular area you're more interested in? --Andre Symphonies mostly. I'd probably enjoy listening to another areas too.
Quote: Originally Posted by amerikajinda Karajan's 1962 recording of the Requiem... Is that this one ?
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