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On grass, Federer will walk it.
France. Just for Zizou.
Just to add to what people have been saying: 1. Start slow. Don't rush, make a small change everyday. 2. Try to learn about your body, on both nutrition and exercise. It makes if far more fun. If you know what you are doing, you'll feel more in control. 3. Starting/playing a sport will help too.
Creatine doesn't even work for around 20% of the population, and I am in that 20%. I hardly need it though. odoreater you are taking the right supplements, I find flaxseed oil brilliant for general health, along with muscle gains.
Quote: Originally Posted by coachvu The whole point was to suggest exercises that don't require a gym membership or a home weight set. Also, as previously stated, many people have amazing physiques without ever using a weight. It's incredible how creative some prisoners have been in devising workouts using only what's available to them in their cell. Yes there are people who can get huge from lifting a milk carton, but most people without...
Ok, first point. If you want to build one muscle, you have to build them all. There are many reasons for this. One, it prevents muscle imbalances. Only training your chest and not your back will mess you up in the long run. Secondly, there is obviously the aesthetic aspect, you want to keep in proportion. Another point, to all those saying you should do push ups...are giving you bad advice. The best movements for chest are BB/DB bench, BB/DB Incline bench,...
Hey guys, first post and whatnot. Name is Adam, 18 year old from New Zealand. I've been lifting weights for the last two years, currently my stats are around 250 bench, 410 deadlift, 350 squat weighing 187. Was wondering is anyone else here hits the weights? I'm in the middle of P/RR/S at the moment, seeing stunning gains on it, anyone else tried it? Cheers, Adam.
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