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I wouldn't reccomend training more than two days in a row. Anyway here are some signs of OTing: If you experience any of these warning signs, immediately cut back on your training frequency. Deep-rooted fatique from which you can't seem to recover Digestion problems A resting heart rate that is lower than normal Lower blood pressure If you experience any of these symptoms, cut back on your training intensity within your workouts. Troubled sleep Profuse...
Cheers guys.
La Liga, especially with the recent relegation of Juve, is now the best league in the world, second to the Premier League.
Hey guys, Maybe I've missed it but is there a total begineers guide to jeans? I have hardly a clue about cut, length ect. so if you could point me in the right direction, that would be stunning.
Quote: Originally Posted by Tokyo Slim The only thing iPod has going for it are the peripherals available for it. As far as the standalone players go: Better than Ipod. iTunes is what makes the iPod great.
Quote: Originally Posted by mr_economy Calories have very little to do with immediate post-workout recovery. In fact, your typical cheat meal's contents of greasy fats and little protein will only further contribute to catabolism (your body eating its muscles). Immediately following a tough lifting session, your body needs two things - protein / amino acids and glycogen - and it needs them quickly. The ideal way to get these into your body is a shake...
Cheat meals are important. If you are lifting weights, your recovery isn't just determined by time off, but by your diet. In general, more calories will mean quicker recovery, so after a hard workout sometimes a cheat meal will benefit you.
Quote: Originally Posted by AdamG On grass, Federer will walk it.
Put in some weight training twice a week and your training would be set. As far as your goal of losing fat, that is all about diet. Get your diet it check and you'll be sweet.
Zidane...I feel empty inside. How could he do that? He is still my favourite player of all time, I almost cried when I saw him do that.
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