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Bends for me. I actually got into Radiohead with OC, but the Bends just has a richer sound for me, the lead guitar is immense and just rips through you. OC when I'm skating home late at night, Bends when I'm chilling in my warm flat haha.
Quote: Originally Posted by David Watts Rubber Soul. White Album. Revolver. In that order. Sgt. Pepper gets honorable mention for recording the the whole thing on a 4-track. Edit- I have most of the albums on vinyl, but the crown jewel is an unpeeled Butcher Cover I picked up at a yard sale in Sonoma two years ago. For one dollar. I only just saw this, WOW! That is an awesome find. Quote: Originally Posted by...
For me, the best Beatles album is just the one I'm into at the moment. For me, my progression went: Peppers Revolver Abbey Road Rubber Soul Help! White Album Peppers will always have a special place in my heart for being the album that turned me on to the Beatles, but at the moment I prefer listening to Rubber Soul or White Album. Anyway what I really came to say is to rave about the Purple Chick releases that are popping up around the place: "The Beatles' CDs sound...
LSD + art gallery + iPod = greatest afternoon of my life. The best thing about acid is that it can be a very intellectually rewarding experience.
I've got a fresh install of XP, but no idea what programs are best / what I need to make my computer secure. Do I need a firewall / spware protector / antivirus? Anything I forgot? Also what (free) programs are considered the best for these jobs?
Davis, Lennon.
Quote: Originally Posted by why I don't superset anything with squats, really. If you superset squats you probably aren't working hard enough on the squats. Realistically, most people don't get a hamstring workout from squats because they don't go down far enough. Actually stance width is more important. Depth is very important, and 90% of people (literally) do not go deep enough. But if you have a narrow stance (Olympic) it works...
Quote: Originally Posted by Souper EDIT: title should say $2000 So I just got back from my class registration today... All went well, registered for classes, patted myself on the back for going back to school, etcetera., Anywho, at the end of the day they handed me my bill, which is $2160. Which is really cheap. However, I have a total of 4 days to pay for it. 2 of which are weekends. I'm sure a forum for luxury goods and high-end clothes will...
I need some more advice classical music guides! Holst's The Planets, what is the (or a few of the) superior recording(s)?
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