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I love this show, cannot wait to see what happens in this season, no doubt going to be unbelievable.
Only listened to You Are Free, but I consider that record one of the greatest of recent times.
Quote: Originally Posted by Piroshky Another Sunny Day - "London Weekend" I have a link! So we are listening to the 14 track release right?
Beatles Dylan Floyd Radiohead Neil Young Bland and boring, but it's true.
Am going to start following/participating in this thread, just getting the James Carr album now. What day of the week is a new album chosen? And might I ask how?
Quote: Originally Posted by Hany Unempployable how? There are two Engineering degrees that are extremely general: Chemical and Mechanical. As a Chemical Engineer, you will learn about physics and mechanics, electrical systems, thermodynamics, material science & eng., heat and mass transfer, etc. Basically you get all the tools regarding applied science. Philosophy on the other hand gives you a strong background on logic, ethics, metaphysics,...
Quote: Originally Posted by likeitaloud Decriminalization is good enough for me. How often do you get caught smoking pot? Almost never unless you are an idiot, now if you run zero risk of criminal record..and the punishment is an 80$ ticket why not risk it? Also I think the problem with taxing it, is that it's too easy for people to plant their own on their balconies. I think the growing culture would probably die out pretty quickly. You...
Time - Pink Floyd Everything I love about rock, vocals & lyrics from heaven and lead guitar that opens a hole in the sky.
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