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Are you near a store that sells AE? If so, see if you can try on the strand in bourbon and walnut with an outfit you think you'd wear them with and see how they look in the mirror. Likewise with brown fifth avenues versus black park avenues. You're right, walnut strands do get a lot of love around here and they do look great. You have to decide if they fit with your particular style. J
I'm kind of a noob but would suggest: Park Avenue in black - the most formal and simple. Can be dressed up with a tux if need be, but Fifth Avenue cannot Fifth Avenue in dark brown (goes well with blue and grey suits) Strand in walnut or burbon (I find walnut too light and flashy with dark suits. I have burbon which I wear with blue, grey and brown suits) McAllister in merlot (classic to have a wingtip in burgundy. goes with blue and grey beautifully) J
I'd say try a wider width. I had a pair of Fifth Avenues that felt a bit tight in the pinky and they never stretched. Had to buy a wider width.Speaking of which, anyone want to buy a lightly used pair of brown fifth avenues size 9E in Toronto?
Not sure if this has been suggested already, as I'm catching up on the thread, but won't allen edmonds sell you two different sized shoes in a custom order? It may cost more for the custom order, but I would think the comfort would be worth it.j
Generally, take a pair home every once in a while for conditioning / polishing. I've been considering bringing my polish, etc, in to the office and staying late to polish everything.
I'm also in Toronto and do something similar. In nicer weather I wear eccos to / from work on the subway etc. In the winter I wear low rise boots. I keep my four pairs of AE in the office to keep them nice.J
There's a Toronto Allen Edmonds store? I just looked at and there are no AE stores / outlets listed for Ontario. I did a search for allen edmonds bayview village and all I came up with was this thread.Please let me know more about this Toronto AE store...Thanks,J
I've found it impossible to find merlot/burgundy belts in Toronto. I ordered the Manistee belt along with my merlot McAllisters during the recent sale.J
I work in a big Canadian bank and the bourbon strand is in my rotation. Having said that, 90% of the men I see around the bank wear black shoes with blue suits daily.
Harry Rosen is in that Yorkville area too.
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