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Hey Phat Guido, I dig that leather camera strap in your last picture. Can you tell me anything about it?
No need for the sarcasm. I don't have much fading yet and the one line on my right leg is going to be MUCH lighter than any other fade on the jean. It's going to look a little strange so I figured I would ask if anyone else had any experience with this. Guess not.
I'm approaching 6 months on my Ande Whalls and the only major fading I have it one line on my right leg just below where the pocket bag ends. It's fading much faster than the rest of the pants and given another 3-4 weeks will probably look a little strange with one fade line much lighter than anything else on the pants. Has anyone ever had a problem like this? Is there any solution?
Quote: Originally Posted by zissou Where can I find one of these?
How do the 55's compare to the 47's? It seems from a few pictures I've seen that they're just a bit fuller in the leg. Is this true? Same rise? More severe taper? Any help is appreciated.
Quote: Originally Posted by Eponine Those will be available for purchase at Self Edge New York starting tomorrow. Any info on pricing?
Any word on that weekend duffle bag and matching dopp kit that I saw in a few of the pics from the Pop Up Flea Market? Is that available yet?
Any discount codes out there other than the student discount? I missed the last 20% code and have a few things I want to pick up. I just can't justify full price on most of the JCrew stuff.
I dig these bracelets. Any idea where these came from? I'm not big on stuff like this because it can be hard to pull off, but it will fit with my style which is pretty earthy/hippie compared to most of the people around here.
Quote: Originally Posted by cancel.sing Yes, they are 3sixteen. They are not available yet. The duffel runs $250. Check the 3sixteen thread for lots more information from one of the guys at 3sixteen on why the bags are so much more expensive than the regular Beckel Canvas products. Thanks for the info. Any idea when exactly they'll be available?
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