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Never thought these would be so difficult to sell. Price is down to $140 shipped domestic US.
I've had 2 buyers back out at the last minute. These are still available. Price is now $150 shipped (inside the US).
Ordered these ages ago and they're the wrong size. They are literally brand new. Never been worn outside, only tried on. I don't know why anyone would need pictures but if that will make or break the deal, then just ask. The only drawback on these is I don't have the original box. Brand new Red Wing 875 (Size 8.5) $140 shipped OBO
As in the beatnik-type, coffee shop loitering, poetry reading bohemian or the eastern European region around the Czech Republic?
How do I order from that site with the 517's? I had a pair of LVC 517's that were my favorite jeans for some time and I've been searching for a new pair for months now. Last pair was totally destroyed on a camping trip. The LVC 517's are hard jeans to find. Been looking for a size 31 waist all over ebay and other vendors to no avail. Can anyone help with my plight? And does anyone know the differences between those Big E 517's and the LVC model I've been looking...
Any chance I can procure one of those flathead loopwheeled native pattern t shirts in a large?
Quote: Originally Posted by Thrift Pirate looks clean, i like it! wearing something very similar myself today I totally agree. What jeans are those?
45 rpm sweater looks awesome. Where'd you get it? I think I'll need a size 2.
How about the LVC 517's? Anyone know where one can procure a pair of these? I have a pair that are slightly too big in the waist and I've been looking for a pair of 30 or 31 waist for months now with no luck. They aren't selvage so I guess that turns a lot of people off around here, but they're made with beautiful denim nonetheless. Where the hell can I get these?
I'd be interested in this.
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