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Wow, didn't even check there. The Post on Inventory made me think that I'd have to find them elsewhere. Thanks. Sorry I'm a dumbass.
They also sell another green with the gray heel, but it's a little brighter. Not the same green color. I don't mean to be so picky, but the reason I like the shoes on the Inventory website is mainly because of the color. If I can't find that colorway, then I may as well buy a different shoe.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin They're the same exact model/colorway, just under different lighting. Other places sell them as well, just search for "U420". I don't think so. The ones I'm looking for are olive green. Those are called Khaki Green, which would explain the lighter washed out look to them.
Quote: Originally Posted by robin http://www.endless.com/New-Balance-U...0balance%20420 Those aren't the same color. And those are only available in size 8, which sucks. Anyone else know where I might be able to pick up those olive green joints from inventory?
I love the color of these New Balances. I found out about them from a post on the Inventory website, but I have no idea where to find them: http://www.inventorymagazine.com/updates/?p=11313 Where can a brother track these down?
I wanted to bump this thread because I'm thinking about placing an order through their old school site for a sweater and a knit hat. Does anyone have any experience with their site? Anybody have experience with sizing etc? And their pictures suck. Anyone want to hook a brother up with better pictures?
A little closet cleaning. Some pieces that aren't getting used and a little wardobe downsizing as I'm about to be moving. All prices are not including shipping which I will figure out depending on where you are. I am in NJ so prices will vary. 1. Levi's LVC 501 1947 32x34 Post soak measurements 31x32.5 These are brand new, never worn but hot soaked. They are just a little too slim for me. They will probably stretch in the waste to accomodate 31.5 or 32" inch...
Anyone have any interest in a pair of LVC 501 47's in a size 32x34? They are brand new, never worn outside but they were soaked. Sizing on these has been difficult. These ended up too small for me after I soaked them. I still have the tags, but they aren't attached because I soaked them. They are brand new. The retarded sizing with LVC's has screwed me here. My loss is your gain. These will be on the B&S forum in the next few days. PM me if you want dibs on them.
Just a heads up. I have a blue chambray in a size medium that I'll be putting up in B&S forum in the next few days. It's the lighter blue version without the collar tab. It's never been worn outside of being tried on. Washed once. This is not the outlet version. It's from the store and has the selvage gussets and other selvage detailing. I think I paid $100 retail for it. PM me if you want dibbs before I throw in on the B&S forum. We can work out a fair price.
I haven't posted yet in the B&S forum, but I have a blue RRL chambray in medium. It's brand new without tags. I wore it once for the day and realized it's a bit too big. I'm debating whether to get it tailored or sell it. If anyone is interested then PM me.
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