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The brown duck canvas chinos need to be done again. I missed out and I know a bunch of other people who wished they had jumped on that.
A general question for mountain bikers. I've been itching to get myself a bike ever since a friend recently took me out on a trail ride with his extra bike. I'd like to keep it under $1000. I want something affordable, but quality and will last me a while. 29ers seem to be in right now and my buddy suggests I go with one of those. A hardtail seems to be the only option in my price range. Any suggestions?
I'm looking for a tool kit for my bicycle and I remember a while back seeing something on one of he blogs (or somewhere?) a leather wrap tool kit with bike wrenches etc in it. While I thought it was awesome at the time, I didn't really need it. Now I totally forget where I saw it. Anyone else remember seeing this or know where I can get something like this? Perhaps other suggestions on similar items? Thanks.
Any chance that this UK proxy can track down a pair of leather Clarks Weavers? If so, I'd be highly interested.
I work outside and I halways have trouble finding sun block that I can put on my face. Everything I find is way too thick and oily and ends up giving me acne. I used a tube a Keihls for a while that was 15 SPF, but that's like wearing nothing. Does anyone have any suggestions for a light sunblock that won't e oily and will give me more than 15 SPF? Thanks for the help.
Where's the cheapest place to pick up a pair of 47's? Farinellis has them for $220. Do they give any kind of SF discount? Who else is carrying the line in the US?
So if the minimum is $5000 and you need 25 people, that would mean the price of the bomber would be around $200? I would be all over that. I bet plenty of other people would be too. With a price point like that for a product of that quality, I bet it wouldn't be too hard to find 25 people even this late in the season. Heck, Zissou found about 20 people for those made-to-measure chambrays that cost about $200. It would just take one person to step up and organize the...
Quote: Originally Posted by Shorty Long FYI...I'm not sure about the stock of other sizes, but Bodega in Boston was the only store I could find that still had size 9.5 (the had blue and orange available when I contacted them) Which BTW is the coolest fucking shoe store I've ever been in.
Where the cheapest place to get a pair of Regular Alfs these days?
The nicest Weavers I've seen so far were the smooth leather ones that used to be on the Clarks UK site. They weren't the pebbled leather like the ones that are sold out on the Hanon site, they were really nice. Hopefully we see those pop up stateside.
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