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I'm on the prowl for a protective sleeve for my 13" macbook. The ACL shop has some awesome ones in waxed canvas that would be perfect, but they're only for the 15" model. Does anyone have a cool sleeve for the 13" laptop? I would like something like that waxed canvas one from ACL or something like those. A wool material or corduroy, waxed canvas, chambray... something like that. Not just the $12 cheapo things you can get on ebay. Anyone have ideas? Thanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by lawlercon What are these?
I have a pair of beeswax leather Clarks Wallabees for sale. Never been worn other than to try them on. They are brand new in the box. Size 8.5. They'll fit someone sized 9-9.5 in sneakers. Looking for $90 shipped. -----> NOW $80
All this stuff is really helpful. Thanks fellas.
Quote: Originally Posted by Xericx I know the area quite well. I lived for a while with my aunt/uncle up in PV during a summer in college and on/off visiting for quite a while and would frequently go down to that area if I needed something. Any specific questions? I just know nothing about it. Are there good bars or restaurants I should be aware of in that specific area? I won't have wheels for the first few weeks I don't think. What's...
I'd hate to be a pain in the ass with a bump, but I'm going to. Anyone know the area well? Any tips for someone who's going out there totally blind and kind of nervous about it? Thanks.
I'll be just west of Hawthorne about 2 blocks from the PCH. Sort of right in the Riviera part of town. Scooter was an idea. Guess it was a bad one. I just thought it would be easier to park, better gas mileage, and actually kind of fun. I don't want to drive my car out from the east coast and I don't want to deal with a lease or having to buy a car. I'm not sure how long I'll be out there. But it looks like finding a car of some sort is my only option. Fuck.
I'm moving to Torrance. I just found out. I'm an east coaster and I know nothing about the area, but I'm pretty pumped about it. Anything anyone can tell me about the area? Car advice: I'm thinking about getting a moped. Is that feasible to get me around the city?
Quote: Originally Posted by Froosh Would really like to know this too, seems impossible to find. Also, a site with accurate measurements would be great. Bump
Is there any agreement on whats the easiest and/or cheapest way to get your hands on a loopwheeler sweatshirt?
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