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Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta Also lol at thinking because ND plays a bunch of bowl eligible schools that that shows they had a tough schedule. First off, I didn't say "tough" just not "weak." Second, this claptrap still exists because many are just ND haters and don't care about facts. I'll refer anyone who cares about facts to this: It is a strength of schedule analysis of...
Interesting note: "Notre Dame ended up playing 10 bowl-eligible teams this season. The only two that didn't earn that distinction was Purdue, because of its record (4-8), and USC, because of probation." Now, this isn't to say that we have an SEC-type schedule, but it belies the claim that ND has a weak schedule.
Quote: Originally Posted by embowafa 4 turnovers=16 points. That was very brutal. I was hoping for better from Rees. But, that ND defense, wow. Only touchdown was because USC started on the 2 yard line, and it took 4 plays to barely make it. Granted, this isn't the USC offense of old, but still.
ND over USC! Wohooo. ND's defense has really gotten good recently. The offense, well, . . . Crist please get better and then STAY healthy.
Zombie Survival Guide.
Be wary of wool/cashmere blends. I've tried a few different ones, and they were all scratchy.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero Lol. Boise State's field goal kicker. There was a quote from the Boise head coach to the effect of "No one play will lose a game." Ok, but two can.
Quote: Originally Posted by SpooPoker Ive never seen it, but to me it seems a bit like a Chinatown knockoff of Coach luggage. I'd suspect it is at least as good as Coach.§ionsize= Anyone familiar with this piece? Thoughts on quality, etc.?
New Despos porn!
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