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Quote: Originally Posted by guster Weis had a highly rated recruting year in '06. And he was excellent at getting the skill players to ND ( Clausen, Rudolph, Floyd, Tate) but he struggled on defensive side of the ball recruting (Teo big exception). And Weis also proved he could not coach them. The Irish were weak up front on both sides of the line in recent years. Thats what wins college football games. This is correct.
What years were you guys at FSU? I was '01-05.
Quote: Originally Posted by edinatlanta That's the thing...signing classes are horribly inaccurate. ND pretty much always has a great signing class. HOw's it worked out for them? Difference is the coach.
Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President Ps... best fried chicken was at Guthrie's in Tallahassee. A Gut box? You must be kidding. I'll give you best drunk food.
FSU pulled in an insanely good class. I look forward to watching them in the coming years. ND ended up doing quite well as well. Monster defensive front 7 class.
Quote: Originally Posted by khenom The 'volcanic lightning' is pretty awesome too: http://news.nationalgeographic.com/n...nce-kirishima/ That is some end-of-the-world looking lightning.
For the guys who squat with relatively high weight (400+) don't you get size problems with your thighs? In college, I got up to working out with 405 (usually 10 reps for 5 sets). By that time, my thighs had blown up and I could barely fit into any pants or jeans. Now, I just do 4-5 sets of 225 with 20+ reps. My legs aren't massive anymore, but I can fit into pants and jeans now . . .
That is awesome! I still can't believe those use those little kids though.
After last night's episode, I hate this show!!!
Reason # 5,082. In episode 8 of season 2, Titus Pullo forces open Memmio's mouth, rips out Memmio's tongue with his teeth. And as Memmio falls to the found, Pullo spits out his tongue on him. What a great show.
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