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Usually a sheep or two.
Hmm, I may do this then. Basically, just the OS on the SSD and everything else on the other HD?
Does using a SSD drive for the operating system really make that much of a difference?
It doesn't help when that moron of a governor for Hawaii declares it "his mission" to disprove the birther conspiracy and says he absolutely will produce the original birth certificate and then months later backtracks and says "oh wait, I can't release it." That kind of stupidity only feeds the fire.
This article is great because it shows that the "Bush lied" meme is utterly wrong. People may have lied, but it wasn't Bush, et al. if it was anyone, it was individuals like this Curveball fella.
I plan to replace my current PC with a new one once the new P67 motherboards are out. I5-2500k Antec 903 Corsair HX850 EVGA 970 8 or 16 gigs of Ram 2 Tb HD I can't wait for these stupid fixed mobos to be out so I can start building!
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero The first thing I would do is have a round table debate in the Roosevelt Room with all the shittiest pundits in the country just for my enjoyment. Olbermann Krugman Glenn Greenwald Ezra Klein vs. Limbaugh Savage Hannity Beck I would watch that!
Would the Secret Service actually let the Swiss arrest him? While I can't really see a gun fight breaking out on the streets of Geneva, I also can't see the Secret Service stepping back and letting the Swiss arrest Bush.
Quote: Originally Posted by Grigory To my untrained eye HF silhouette is almost similar to Canali - strong shoulders and not too slim. With the similar quality HF will be cheaper. HF has a variety of cuts.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dinky89484 Are Brooks Brother suits on par with HF suits or is one far in away better than the other? The Brooks Brothers Golden Fleece is roughly on par with a HF suit.
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