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The pilot gets decent reviews.
Anyone watching the pilot tonight?
Lords of the Sea. Great book about the Athenian navy.
Dragon Age 2 comes out in 2 months!
Quote: Originally Posted by ebmk3891 Nice. Best move in the game with mages is lvl 2 freeze and then Stonefist or heavy 2-handed swing (I forget the exact move name). I'm looking to get Mass Effect 2 as I've heard nothing but good things about that game. Both are excellent games. If you haven't played either, then you must!
FLMountainMan, When did you graduate from FSU? I graduated in '05.
245 first time, but the game glitched on me with 20 seconds left. Trying again. Weird, I can almost never get through a game. It always gives me connection or database errors when I get to the mid 200s. edit: finally got through a whole game! 430, wohooo.
Years ago, the history had all sorts of shows I loved to watch. Now, I can barely find anything aside from Ice Road Truckers, Pickers, and some other crap. History International has picked up some of the slack, but it too is nothing like the old History channel. Quite sad.
Quote: Originally Posted by NewYorkRanger Listen to Harvey and stay off your cell. And the internets! They are probably watching you through your computer right now.
Quote: Originally Posted by Benzito The opposite of "weak" is "tough." My grandfather went to ND, so I'm far from a hater, but call me when they take that 22nd ranked SOS and come close to running the table. When they do that, they equate to the top SEC, Pac 10, or Big 12 teams and deserve a Top 10 or Top 15 ranking and a premium bowl invite. Oregon State, Washington, and Arizona State all have SOS rankings in the low single digits, but they got...
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