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Even with the loss of Tuitt, though, this class is looking pretty good. If the way our defense played in the last 4 games wasn't some fluke, then this season should be pretty good. National Championship baby! (obviously just kidding about the last part)
Quote: Originally Posted by guster But you would think with the national exposure ND has, a good coach could do a lot better than ND has done. I agree. That said, if Kelly can't make it happen, then I'm not sure who would be able to.
Quote: Originally Posted by guster If Tuitt stays firm, then that would be a nice DE/OLB class with Lynch, Tuitt, & Willams as the big names. Lynch & Williams started classes today. They also just got Hounshell, Ohio's D-II defensive player of the year. They also have Springmann, Carrico along the line. They have not recruited D-lineman like this since the 80's. Weis was a good recruiter but seemed to excel getting the skill O positions. He had...
Brian Kelly is putting together a good class of defensive players.
Notre Dame has recruited some beasts on defense: Tuitt, Williams, Lynch, etc.
Quote: Originally Posted by dibadiba that was the plan, but his cancer came back and he has to undergo treatment again Ugh, poor guy. Get better!!!
I thought Andy Whitfield got better and was returning for the second season. What happened!?
I got the Bluray set of Rome. Watching through them again. What a great show . . .
Quote: Originally Posted by Jekyll Everything I've read says it's one of the worst new shows in a while. Like....laughably bad. What are you reading, The Cynics Tribune? Most of the mainstream reviews give it decent marks.
OMG, the best line ever from this show: "Say Hello to Dorothy Bitch!" I nearly died laughing at that part.
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