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Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine PS, if you've got a gaming PC and you don't own The Witcher 2, you need to fix that I've played a few hours, and it is fun! Need a decent computer though.
Maybe this tragedy might have been avoided if Sheriff Dupnik spent more time overseeing and managing his forces and less time spouting stupid political rhetoric and needlessly interjecting himself into the national conversation. Seperately, it is somewhat ironic that Dupnik has responded to the controversy by blaming the media for speading misinformation, yet he refuses to answer the many legitimate questions that have been raised.
Quote: Originally Posted by AlmostFullBenefits It makes sense that other metals, such as silver, copper, and platnium, are not regularly used as a basis for a currency, but largely industry does not use gold because of its cost, not because of the limits of its possible applications. However, the consequence is the same, and thus, industry has found alternatives to gold for many applications. What has always troubled me in the discussion of returning...
I can't find the source off-hand, but I remember reading that Dems have been unable to provide in their court challenges a single person who couldn't vote because they were unable to obtain the proper ID.
Because it would appease the Paleocons.
World of Tanks is a blast. It is a MMO focused on WW2 tanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero You. I had that supersoaker!!!
I would like a playoff system, but I am concerned about one forced upon college football by the government.
The city of capture is not very far from the capital, Islamabad.
Sooooo glad he wasn't captured.
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