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Quote: Originally Posted by JSC4President Ps... best fried chicken was at Guthrie's in Tallahassee. A Gut box? You must be kidding. I'll give you best drunk food.
FSU pulled in an insanely good class. I look forward to watching them in the coming years. ND ended up doing quite well as well. Monster defensive front 7 class.
Quote: Originally Posted by khenom The 'volcanic lightning' is pretty awesome too: That is some end-of-the-world looking lightning.
For the guys who squat with relatively high weight (400+) don't you get size problems with your thighs? In college, I got up to working out with 405 (usually 10 reps for 5 sets). By that time, my thighs had blown up and I could barely fit into any pants or jeans. Now, I just do 4-5 sets of 225 with 20+ reps. My legs aren't massive anymore, but I can fit into pants and jeans now . . .
That is awesome! I still can't believe those use those little kids though.
After last night's episode, I hate this show!!!
Reason # 5,082. In episode 8 of season 2, Titus Pullo forces open Memmio's mouth, rips out Memmio's tongue with his teeth. And as Memmio falls to the found, Pullo spits out his tongue on him. What a great show.
Quote: Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 I thought it was entertaining. It's somewhat refreshing to see how it all began. I kind of wish it would go longer than six episodes. It was funny how relatively "nice" Batiatus and Lucretia were portrayed as. I suspect that beat down Batiatus suffered will be the catalyst for turning him into the a-hole he is in Blood and Sand.
Did anyone watch the first episode? I liked it.
Quote: Originally Posted by chyrspchuck And, Tuitts back with us. This recruiting class is bipolar but I love it. The coaches are incredible. Best defensive class in a while. I wonder how far back one has to go to find a better defensive class at ND?
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