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Quote: Originally Posted by imatlas It exists. Shipment isn't all that big a deal, with proper precautions. Remember that they can't open mail without a warrant Not true if it crosses the border.
That is awesome.
Quote: Originally Posted by globetrotter even funnier, there is a large German sub-culture that is really into cowboys and indians. I guess it would be like all the americans who like to dress up for renaisance festivals. but I find it amusing. My father was a young boy in Germany when WW2 ended. He has told me that the Allied troops would not let the German children play "soldier." So instead, with the allied troops' blessing, the German...
Any shows out now or coming soon that might be comparable?
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Yeah, I'm considering opening an AmEx account and gradually shifting the bulk of my transaction activity to it. I'll keep the Shittibank account open purely for the sake of maintaining length of account status on it, but eventually, it'll be kept on life support while the AmEx gets the meat and potatoes. Plus, with the blue cash card, you can get 5% back on grocery and 1.25% back on everything else (after...
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos The most annoying thing on Earth, IMO, is how credit card companies won't lift a fucking finger if something is seriously amiss with your spending pattern (i.e., some hacker in Nigeria obtained your CC number and just bought $20,000 worth of diapers or something, and you're single w/out kids). In fraud situations like this, many banks won't even call or notify you. And they won't decline the transactions. Instead,...
double post
Quote: Originally Posted by Dakota rube Judge voids Wisconsin collective bargaining law This is like the Energizer Bunny. I predict that the Wisconsin circuit court judge will get bench slapped hard by the Wisconsin Supreme Court. From a quick skim of the opinion, I don't understand the judge's argument. She seems to argue that the Open Meeting Law ("OML") is justiciable because the OML is not a mere legislative rule but provides a...
Where are the episodes available? Comedycentral only has clips and Hulu requires you to have a subscription.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Thank you, I only been to the cafe and find it consistently disappointing. I also have only been to the Cafe. Never impressed me. I do have to recommend Pelago and I concur regarding Les Nomades. Both are simply fantastic. Les Nomades is pricey though.
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