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World of Tanks is a blast. It is a MMO focused on WW2 tanks.
Quote: Originally Posted by StephenHero You. I had that supersoaker!!!
I would like a playoff system, but I am concerned about one forced upon college football by the government.
Quote: Originally Posted by otc Cafe spiaggia is good...but is it any less expensive than blackbird? Obviously alinea is in a whole different price range...but I am not sure I remember much of a price differance between the cafe and something like blackbird. You could also try riccardo trattoria...there is a $33 3-course menu that includes a glass of prosecco (and the individual menu items are in a similar range) Forget cafe spiaggia. It...
Lol wut?
Quote: Originally Posted by TimelesStyle Will these tend to be more tent-like in fit (a la BB) or slimmer? I'm talking about mainline, not the Hickey line. Tent like, unless they have changed the fit in the past year.
Anyone know where I can buy one of the old P67 motherboards? I just won't use the affected SATA ports. I've been looking all over and cant find anything (except for one store in England with the shipping around $50)
Quote: Originally Posted by Rambo Do you have any idea what the fuck he was saying? I was wondering too.
Ugh, I hate this seemingly interminable wait for the fixed P67 motherboards. I do have a few questions about SSD. I've noticed a lot of poeple complaining about their reliability. Now, many normal HDs have high failure rates as well, but I was wondering if SSD are generally more reliable or not. Also, I've figured that I can only afford a 120 GB SSD (~$200) (plus a 2 tb normal HD). A 120 GB SSD would fill up pretty quickly with the OS and just a few games. Are...
I don't understand the success of Tavis Smiley. Is he popular on NPR because he helps feed white liberal guilt? Juan Williams was 10X better and smarter than him.
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