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I won't ever be able to cancel HBO. They just make too many good series.
I didn't think the ending was very good. They should have had a complete market crash or something.
Some parts are so cool. But then you have scenes like firing from the walkway. Even if the other parts are grossly unrealistic that walkway scene is the worst. Guy would be dead in a few seconds after firing from up there.
My wife likes the site but twice she paid for an item and then the seller went "bankrupt." In each case, my wife never received the product or her money back. One particular item was our wedding guest book.
Any shows out now or coming soon that might be comparable?
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos Yeah, I'm considering opening an AmEx account and gradually shifting the bulk of my transaction activity to it. I'll keep the Shittibank account open purely for the sake of maintaining length of account status on it, but eventually, it'll be kept on life support while the AmEx gets the meat and potatoes. Plus, with the blue cash card, you can get 5% back on grocery and 1.25% back on everything else (after...
Quote: Originally Posted by Don Carlos The most annoying thing on Earth, IMO, is how credit card companies won't lift a fucking finger if something is seriously amiss with your spending pattern (i.e., some hacker in Nigeria obtained your CC number and just bought $20,000 worth of diapers or something, and you're single w/out kids). In fraud situations like this, many banks won't even call or notify you. And they won't decline the transactions. Instead,...
Where are the episodes available? Comedycentral only has clips and Hulu requires you to have a subscription.
Quote: Originally Posted by Despos Thank you, I only been to the cafe and find it consistently disappointing. I also have only been to the Cafe. Never impressed me. I do have to recommend Pelago and I concur regarding Les Nomades. Both are simply fantastic. Les Nomades is pricey though.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine PS, if you've got a gaming PC and you don't own The Witcher 2, you need to fix that I've played a few hours, and it is fun! Need a decent computer though.
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