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Will they let me become a citizen if my goal is defend Israel from the forces of Gog and Magog at Armageddon??
Quote: Originally Posted by idfnl Respectfully, disagree. Watch Gasland and see guys able to light the water running from their faucets on fire. Read some of the critiques of Gasland. For example, the "lighting the water on fire" happens regardless of the fracking. But they don't tell you that in the "documentary.'
Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara the inside spins just a wee bit faster than the outside. i'm not sure if the difference it makes is actually noticeable by an actual human, though! That is hilarious. If there is anything to the inside being "faster" it has nothing to do with its rotation speed. The outside part of a disk actually rotates faster than the inside.
Quote: Originally Posted by vaalbara or just touch the computer case to ground yourself before you touch any parts That can be OK as long as he isn't assembling the computer on carpet or walking on carpet.
Quote: Originally Posted by BBSLM I figured I would butt in here since there appears to be a lot of people who know what theyre talking about. I'm in the process of gathering parts for my first build. No games; just things like watching blu-ray rips, photoshop, and 200 open firefox tabs. I'm going for value. I don't want to spend more than I have to. How does this look? CPU: AMD Phenom II X4 955 BE MOBO: ASROCK 870 Extreme3 RAM: G.Skill Ripjaw 4GB...
Quote: Originally Posted by furo I'm assuming that if I go the Newegg route, they're going to send me all the parts to be assembled. So is there an easy to follow guide anyone recommends for assembly and OS loading, etc? I don't want to brick the damn thing right outta the box. A few things you should check: (1) Make sure the RAM you buy is compatible with your motherboard. Motherboard manufacturers will list compatible RAM on their...
Quote: Originally Posted by Nananine Shamelessly stolen from another forum Processor: Intel Quad Core i5-2500k Case: COOLER MASTER Elite 341 (Do what you like aesthetically) Motherboard: MSI P67A-G45 RAM: G. Skill DDR3 1333 (any brand will do, but G. Skill is cheap and good) Video Card: EVGA GeForce GTX 560 Ti (Solidly high end without getting into the >300 range) Hard Drive: Samsung 1TB Power Supply: CORSAIR Professional Series HX750 (You'll need it for...
Did anyone watch it? I thought it was fairly interesting. Sort of a mix of Jericho and War of the Worlds.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington I'm still waiting for a realistic legal show that details how a new associate spends 14 hours every day poring over endless documents while being sporadically yelled at by a partner. I'd watch that. Oh wait, why watch it when its a recent memory.
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