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Quote: Originally Posted by ArteEtLabore14 What have you people got for me? Firefly, Freaks & Geeks, Jericho, Party Down, and Veronica Mars; these are some of the obvious ones. I want to hear all different kinds. Firefly and Jericho. +1
Quote: Originally Posted by dave333 SC2 it's like AGHOIHFOIONEWCE I NEED TO FUCKNIG WIN THIS GAME. Every game is a high stress, tense, must win game for me. . That happens to me everytime. I get stressed out before every game. I find my reaction to be pretty hilarious. I get less nervous arguing in court, etc., than I do before a game.
I believe the HF suit is from their Ltd. line. Mainline HF suits generally retail for $1400 and up.
Strand in walnut. Its a classic AE shoe. Plus, fellow SFers will recognize it at weddings you attend.
I'm "magogian" in game. I was #1 in my plat. division for the week before my honeymoon. Since returning, I've sucked and haven't gotten my rhythym back.
Go Irish. I thought the game was winnable, but I never thought it would be a blow-out.
Quote: Originally Posted by Dashaansafin ^Anyone recommend a game? Im bored as shit. SC2 is not interesting to me and Bioshock wasnt as good as people said. Playing a lot of League of Legends now but only with friends so its not something I can do whenever. or am I growing too old for gaming? Did you ever get into the Total War series? Also, Civ 5 is decent (not as good as Civ 4 though IMO).
Anyone playing a lot of ladder SC2? I was ranked #1 in my plat division for a while and about to move to diamond when I left for my honeymoon. After returning, I keep getting my ass kicked in plat. It seems that everyone either got so much better in those three weeks or I really got that much worse. Its quite annoying.
Quote: Originally Posted by burningbright . I loved that game!
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