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I bought the watch, and so far I love it! I don't know why I failed to try leather straps earlier.
Thanks for your comments!
Thanks for your thoughts everyone!
Hello all, I am thinking I should go ahead and get a watch. When I was younger, I found metal bands to be extremely uncomfortable (pulling arm hairs), so I've largely stayed away from watches. However, I recently tried on several watches with leather bands and found them to be far more comfortable (and, of course, much classier). I'm looking to spend $500 or less (which I realize is not much in the watch world). For work, I wear a suit, blazer or sport coat. I have...
Hey all, My local Nortdstrom rack has a number of Santoni shoes (not handgrade but with leather soles) for $190 a pop (retail was $420). They seem to fit comfortably. Most of my current shoes are AE/Peal/Alden. Are these comporable and worth it at that price? Thanks
Quote: Originally Posted by HRoi annoyed with the year and a half of teasers TNT was showing before just getting on with it Seriously! Also, the first episode itself seemed to have 30 minutes of teasers for the show.
I'm glad there weren't any graphic pics! Ick.
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord-Barrington the terrible way they treat their suppliers. Anyone who actually revels in the legal victories of this corporation needs to get checked. God forbid Walmart has their suppliers provide their products more cheaply and pass some of the savings on to the consumer. Those poor suppliers are just indentured servants with no way out.
Notre Dame will go 10 and 2. There, I said it.
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