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Hi all, I'm a longtime AE wearer looking to take a step up in quality. I've been eyeing these Sutor Mantellassi shoes at STF. http://www.shopthefinest.com/p-72956-sutor-mantellassi-dark-brown-shoes-13-us-12-uk.aspx Most of the conversations that I can find on this brand from SF and other sites are from several years ago. So, I'd appreciate opinions on these shoes. From what I can tell, the blue soles and goodyear welting means these shoes are from the higher/highest...
David, Any chance you will get materials for a Notre Dame tie?
Hi all, With the Chicago Hickey Freeman store apparently having gone out of business, I need a new option for a MTM suit option for $2,000. I am tall with a pretty large frame, so I have some difficulty getting fitted properly. I've tried BB and and the (cheap) custom route before, but neither really worked. HF was great, but apparently that isn't an option anymore. So, any suggestions for around 2k? Thanks for the help!
Hey Chris!Thanks for the info.
Hi all, Anyone know what is going on with the Hickey Freeman store in Chicago? I haven't been able to stop by, but I have called at least 5 different times the past week and no one has answered. Thanks!
Exposed your lunacy for you.
That is a non-existent standard, thankfully. Any half-decent defense attorney could always create a shadow of a doubt. Any half-decent attorney could have gotten Bin Laden a not guilty verdict using that standard.
It is so ridiculous. It is little wonder Chicago and Illinois are in the financial trouble they are in. This guy's monogrammed cuffs just scream blue collar union man, don't they?
What a terrible game for ND! I couldn't believe we could play that badly on turnovers.
How long does it take to "charge" an automatic watch? I wore this watch for a full day, but i was not able to wear it the second. When I checked the watch on the third day, it had already died. The instruction manual says that the "charge" lasts about 40 hours but says nothing about how long it takes to reach full charge.
New Posts  All Forums: