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Not sure how they would work for travellers. Stephen usually picks up from my home and then drops off again a few days laterDon't think they do shirts - at least not when I checked last. PM me if you want their detailsR-O-T
My point was not that I don't see the issue - I had exactly the same experience with my chukkas. It definitely has made me think twice about ordering another pair in this leather. I simply wanted to say that in my experience it is something that can be fixed with a thorough polishR-O-T
Bespoke Cleverley. First pair - some fit issues to be fixed, but beautiful to my eyes at least
Made some off these comments in the shoe porn thread as well but may make sense to repeat myself. I have a pair of Russia leather chukkas and they had the same type of wear that many hear experienced. Uneven colouring and so on. Did, however, find that it can be totally remedied through a good polishing. This picture is the "after", Afraid I have no "before" picture R-O-T
A selection of shoe porn for you - and a shout out to Burford Valet. If any other members in London are as uninterested as I am in spending their spare time polishing shoes you will find that Stephen and his team do a great job. Close ups of a pair of bespoke Cleverley lazyman oxfords and also a pair of St Crispin's Russian leather chukkas. As you will see they have fixed the often seen uneven wearing They also do a mean sponge and press R-O-T
As the (very happy) owner of the LL Agnelli Steed suit discussed over the last page I thought I'd chime in with a couple of clarifications 1) This is my tenth or so bespoke jacket from Steed and I think they have pretty much got the fit perfectly dialled. This is different to many of my other suits in that we tried to create more of a Friday casual suit - hence the 3-roll-2 with broader lapels and the ticket pocket. It is exactly what I wanted though it will clearly not...
They have done a quarter lined jacket for me - for one of my Piuma LL suits. So not sure they are as dogmatic as all that.On balance I really don't think it matters a great deal.
I truly can't be bothered to try to figure out where the nuclear levels of disagreement in this thread came from; it has all the appearance of a schoolboy argument over who's father is the toughest. I think what we can all agree on is 1. Ambrosi make some very good trousers (I had five or six made back in 2008-10 and the only other trousers that come close in terms of fit and finish are my chittleborough and Morgan trousers, though the style is clearly very different) 2....
Based on the number of references to unpaid tailors bills in the biographies of notable men coming of age in the first half twentieth century I guess that the taking of a deposit is a recent but understandable invention.I have certainly always paid a 50% deposit for bespoke - whether with steed, chittleborough & morgan, kilgour, turnbull & asser, sean o'flynn, Napoli su Misura, cleverley, Ambrosi or anyone elseR-O-T
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