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Early impressions are extremely positive - but not yet 100 hours so probably not at full potential yet. But so far I couldn't have been happierThat said, remember if I came from a 120. Had always regretted not getting a 200, so it was a no-brainer. If I had had a 200 then I may well have gone 400 not 220. Would have had to audition the two against each other.R-O-T
After a few upgrades recently I feel I am pretty much done: + Aurender X100L hard-drive player --> Audience AU24SE USB + Devialet 220 PRO (upgraded from a 120) --> Shunyata Zitron Cobra speaker cables + Sonus Faber Olympica II Power conditioning (Triton) and powercords (Zitron Alpha) from Shunyata, ground products from Entreq and isolation from Stillpoints Could not be happier R-O-T
Lee, Good luck in your hunt for a morning suit. A morning coat is a fantastic garment, but very hard to get right off the rack. And it can be exceptionally warm (as I found to my cost during my own wedding in Italy, in summer) First, not sure where you found those photos but please don't use them as reference. The coats are terrible, especially the length. The general idea is that as you kneel the tails should just fail to touch the ground. These are much to short I...
I would definitely recommend that you talk to Steed. They made a beautiful double breasted dinner jacket for me a while back (photos on their blog and also on putthison i think). Pricing is for bespoke is in the £4K range but they also do mtm R-O-T
Nicely done!
Guess the tailor Bonus waistcoat buttonhole pic
Not sure how they would work for travellers. Stephen usually picks up from my home and then drops off again a few days laterDon't think they do shirts - at least not when I checked last. PM me if you want their detailsR-O-T
My point was not that I don't see the issue - I had exactly the same experience with my chukkas. It definitely has made me think twice about ordering another pair in this leather. I simply wanted to say that in my experience it is something that can be fixed with a thorough polishR-O-T
Bespoke Cleverley. First pair - some fit issues to be fixed, but beautiful to my eyes at least
Made some off these comments in the shoe porn thread as well but may make sense to repeat myself. I have a pair of Russia leather chukkas and they had the same type of wear that many hear experienced. Uneven colouring and so on. Did, however, find that it can be totally remedied through a good polishing. This picture is the "after", Afraid I have no "before" picture R-O-T
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