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I truly can't be bothered to try to figure out where the nuclear levels of disagreement in this thread came from; it has all the appearance of a schoolboy argument over who's father is the toughest. I think what we can all agree on is 1. Ambrosi make some very good trousers (I had five or six made back in 2008-10 and the only other trousers that come close in terms of fit and finish are my chittleborough and Morgan trousers, though the style is clearly very different) 2....
Based on the number of references to unpaid tailors bills in the biographies of notable men coming of age in the first half twentieth century I guess that the taking of a deposit is a recent but understandable invention.I have certainly always paid a 50% deposit for bespoke - whether with steed, chittleborough & morgan, kilgour, turnbull & asser, sean o'flynn, Napoli su Misura, cleverley, Ambrosi or anyone elseR-O-T
Things may have changed in the decades since I was at Cambridge, but I doubt if for the better as far as the quality of formal wear - so ultimately Chobochobo's advice is correct - no one will care or notice I would offer only two or three practical points of advice 1. At Cambridge you may well wear black tie more often than at any other time in your life (I wore mine at least weekly - but that was down to the various societies I was active in; others maybe wore one a...
Freshly polished and enjoying their second outing
With my wife away for the weekend I used the other evening to give some of my shoes (almost embarrassingly there are quite a few more that I didn't get around to) a quick polish. Nothing overly elaborate - clean, renovateur, brush, one layer of medaille d'or, brush and buff. R-O-T
For your general amusement: Tonight in our work gym, just as I was wrapping up and doing some foam rolling, this guy turns up with HIS OWN HUGE BARBELL PAD; spends five minutes getting it perfectly positioned on the bar, and then proceeds to do sets of 5 quarter-reps with 55kg Just managed to stop myself from asking him what the hell he thought that was good for
One brand which I don't think has been mentioned yet, but which I believe deserves consideration is Kilgour (or Kilgour, French, Stanbury as was). I think they deserve inclusion on three grounds: 1. For making Astaire's tailcoat for Top Hat. Astaire is the man who most people think of when they picture a man in tails, and KFS made them 2. For making (at least one of) the suits for North by Northwest. The provenance of this suit has been argued over endlessly, and yes I...
Thank you. It is an old Drakes cashmere tie. It is slightly too long and thick, recent models are definitely betterR-O-T
Sorry for lack of posting recently - have been traveling a lot. Here are some snaps of today's Friday casual outfit R-O-T
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