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i think it'd look better a little slouchier.
veal, french toast and buttered popcorn. as for what the judges say on the show being misleading, i feel like alot gets lost in editing. the blog posts that the judges write explaining why things happened the way that they did do a much better job of explaining their reasoning.
way to give away the elimination challenge bro..
the surprise twist will be that all their SO's are pregnant or have young children and the chefs will have to make babyfood that will be served to 50 infants and the winner will be determined by popular vote
from tom colicchio's twitter: "Burke, Chang, Dufresne and White all on top chef tonight." looks to be a promising episode
I thought that Nobunny was a troll account? Am I missing something?
wow did not see that one coming...jen did seem a little off her game this season but i thought it'd only be a matter of time before she was back to her winning ways.
i thoroughly enjoyed my meal there about a month ago. it wasn't the most creative or inspiring food i've ever had but very solid and comforting even.
Quote: Originally Posted by FatMod hard to say as I find the work shirts a bit varied on sizing but i would say pretty close. I took a medium and am a 40 chest and it's a very good fit, quite long in the arms though but that's easily sorted if need be. The moc top I sized up to a large and is also long in the arms but has thumb holders in the sleeve so worn over the hands a little. sizes on Belfast Bureau are accurate. was this in response to...
might have been answered before, but is the sizing on the rugby roughly the same as the work shirts?
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