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price drop
price drop
Quote: Originally Posted by FatMod thanks. I'm just over 5'10, wear mostly medium with EG although the Irving I had to size up on. birdshooter is a medium. Toru - striped shirt is a Guy Cotten breton, I have both colours in these & get them from an ebay seller: (sized up to a L in these and they are similair fit to the medium EG rugby long sleeves from this season) http://www.tailsandtheunexpected.co....exd.asp?id=166 Thanks for the info on...
this thread needs more contributors
polka dot workshirt looks great. now i don't feel bad about passing on the polka dot round collar shirt from last s/s.
snaps price drop
1. 45rpm Chore Jacket sz 3 - $130 p2p: 20 sleeve: 25 t2b: 28 shoulders: 17.5 3. EG Weldon Shirt sz M - $50 The one on the left. P2P: 20 Sleeve: 26 Shoulder: 17 Top to Bottom: 27
aries - it certainly looks better unbuttoned but it just depends on how you want to wear it. i kind of think that buttoned up and belted makes it look a little like lounge wear.
i think it'd look better a little slouchier.
veal, french toast and buttered popcorn. as for what the judges say on the show being misleading, i feel like alot gets lost in editing. the blog posts that the judges write explaining why things happened the way that they did do a much better job of explaining their reasoning.
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