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Quote: Originally Posted by indesertum NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.. You asshole (5). . i thought final four was going to be blaise, dale, angelo, and carla In a perfect world, this would be the top 4...maybe antonia instead of carla but blaise, dale and angelo seemed like the 3 most talented and experienced cooks.
anyone have experience with the red bellavista shorts yet?
how so? he's won or been in the top all but two times and never been in the bottom except for today. seriously though, this challenge was just straight retarded.
Echoing the PinkPanster love. Everything looks really natural and I'm really digging the hair too.
PMed about chambray workshirt
$170 shipped CONUS Just got this from Context today and it's too small. Looking to get back what I paid otherwise I'll just return it.
got my polka dot workshirt today in my usual size and its too small. it kind of fit the same on me as it looks like it does on you raven, so i might suggest returning it instead now. also, if anybody is looking for the shirt in a size small, let me know. otherwise, it's going back to context.
Quote: Originally Posted by raven37457 Everyone, thanks for the information about the Band Collar Shirt. On another note, I received my Work Shirt in Cream Navy Polka Dot from Bow + Arrows today. Here are my thoughts. The fit is slimmer than the s/s 2010 work shirts. If you prefer the loose EG fit/style I recommend sizing up this season. In my opinion, this is going to be what I call a pit stain shirt. There is not much room in the armpit. The...
nice photo. is that at the nepenthes store?
Quote: Originally Posted by JO3B sorry, can't get the first to work. a couple from the past couple of days. the top is in milano on the duomo and the second is in firenze on one of the bridges. they're similar cause i packed very lightly/don't care. late pass but this is nice.
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