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daniel humm recipe?
I've never tried it before, but I would think that adding a really small amount of soy lecithin to the cream mixture he was trying could help him achieve a more stable version of the lightly-frothed cream sauce he was aiming for. feel free to correct me if i'm wrong...or i guess i could just give it a shot myself.
or you could just buy a bottle of soy lecithin granules for like $5 from your local grocer and make enough foam to last you a life time.the fish and mushroom dish does indeed look nice. it looks really similar to something eric ripert said he made as one of the first dishes he ever created when he took the helm at le bernardin.
Has anyone had lunch at eleven madison park before? Is it worth checking out?
Nice job. The beet dish looks really nice. There's a pretty striking difference between the plating of the beets and the next dish which looks much more dated.
Matt - that second plate is gorgeous
Quote: Originally Posted by impolyt_one nice result for a homemade pizza. Did you preheat the skillet in the oven and then toss the pizza in? yes sir, that's pretty much it. it's a pretty simple process as long as you've got your dough fermented and ready to go. i think we're going to make it a weekly thing at the apartment.
Made pizza at home today
dibs on workshirt
Quote: Originally Posted by saelan [[SPOILER]] eg bedfordcreep chambray (came w/ the bandanna in the jacket pocket)hopevintage RL Nice, I like this. How do you like that shirt? I just picked up a couple Creep pieces also.
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