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Quote: Originally Posted by Uncontrol it's getting old man. get new material You know what else is getting old? You blowing up in every one of these stupid threads and causing more attention than they would have gotten otherwise..
skinny...muscular is overrated.
^ Nah. He looks good to me. Just would trade out the shoes for something lower profile. Chukkas are making his legs look a little short. The only part I would say is contrived is the pocket square that looks like its trying to match the leather on the backpack.
Great price on the shorts. Would pick up instantly if they were 32's..
Looks like you're set for summer. Just picked up some brown bluchers with the red brick sole for myself.
^both looking super sharp. asobu - thanks dude. been liking all your recent fits too. looking real relaxed and comfortable.
Would be the 2nd or 3rd time that's happened to me lol..
Quote: Originally Posted by Alcibiades Brown chromexcel maliseet vs Peanut Maliseet Which do you guys like better? Overall I like the color of the peanut (looks great in person), but I'm thinking the brown chromexcel looks a bit dressier and may be more versatile. Thoughts? I actually bought the peanut but I'm thinking about...
scott, whizkit, and mellowfellow all look terrific. Somewhat inspired by whizkit's fit.
Wore these for a couple months but I think they're just a little too small. Fit true to size 10D. $OLD This photo was taken when they were new. They've got a little wear on them now but nothing out of the ordinary.
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